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Boxart for 3DO Game Guru.

A type of Game Enhancer for 3DO created by Symbiosis Media Inc.. Unlike others of the same time period this was a save file manager with editing features. This save file manager would allow the save files to be edited, possibly corrupting them. Saves could also be compressed and uncompressed which is a plus to those that own lots of games. There is also a cheat code function.

A limited version was also included with some games.

Cheat Codes

All codes require users to go to the main menu and choose "Enter code" and then select "GameGuru.CFG".

  • Secret Video: Enter IHAVETHEVIDEO2 for a secret video from the developers of the Game Guru.
  • Different Music: Enter SONG and any single number from 2-9 to have different background music. Enter SONG1 to change it back.
  • Different Background" Enter MLGTXXF and reset the console for a different background.
  • Advanced Mode: Enter IHAVETHEPOWER to open the hex editor. To disable it again enter IDONTWANTTHEPOWER.