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The Genesis Game Genie. Quite Nice. It's officially licenced too.

The Game Genie is a runtime ROM modification device. This is one of the many Game Genie products available. This particular version of the Game Genie required a Master Code to be entered in almost all games. It is also the first Game Genie to be officially licensed by the creators of the console. Five codes was the maximum amount allowable.

This Game Genie has a major drawback. It is incompatible with games which have a savegame feature. Using it with such games would erase the saves and force the player to start over.

Known Versions

Game Genie (19 Feb 1992): ?"good" name: Game Genie (W) (REV00) [b2]? (unconfirmed)
Game Genie (Jul 1992): "good" name: Game Genie (W) (REV01) [c][!]


Both versions Game Genie program developed by Robert Leyland for MicroSystems Development of San Jose, CA. Produced by Galoob Toys Inc. of South San Francisco, CA. Original concept by Codemasters Ltd. of London, England. 19 Feb 1992


Codemasters copyright.
GameGenie/Galoob logo.
Code entry screen.


Game Genie
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