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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
*[https://gscentral.org GSCentral Main Page]<br>
*[https://gscentral.com GSCentral.com - May it rest in peace.]<br>
*[https://board.gscentral.org/forum.php GSCentral Forums]
*[https://www.gscentral.org/wiki/1999.html GSCentral's first attempt at a wiki] - It's not editable, it's just html pages.
*[https://www.gscentral.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page GSCentral's next attempt at a wiki]

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GSCentral is a Game Enhancer code site which has had two incarnations over the years. The database, while large, is filled with many untested codes which may or may not work.


GSCentral was created in 1998 by a person going by the name Jim Reinhart. At some point much later a clone of the site (GSCentral.org) was produced after Rune either was banned or left on his own (depending on who you wish to believe). The original lasted until sometime late 2005/early 2006, when it disappeared without any particular notice. The GSCentral.com domain was given to Lazy Bastard by Stinky613, after Lazy Bastard promised it would never be given to Rune.

In early October, 2006, the majority of GSCentral's veteran members (and staff) left due to dislike of Rune's recent administrative actions, and his ambiguity regarding when the code database would be up. The exodus of the GSCentral members began when Rune took down the forum (the only thing left at GSCentral), and took away the administrative powers of the very people who made the site worth visiting (Parasyte, Viper187).

External Links