Final Fantasy VI Advance (Hacking)

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Post Final Fantasy 6 GBA finds here

Fly on Daryl's Airship
32001E94 00FF
320011FA 0003
On the World Map, access the main menu and exit it to be in the Airship. From there, press Start and you'll be on the deck of Daryl's Airship.
- Ace

02000056 - Change to 01 to call a battle (doesn't work on world map). It seems to call the last battle you were in. Ace's enemy group mod works with it. - KE

0200004C - Screen fade. F0 is normal brightness, 00 is pitch black - KE
0200004D - Background brightness. 00 is normal, F0 is hellabright(tm) - KE
0200004B - some digits start a brightness loop. F0 will give you a seizure - KE
020000FF - Setting this to anything but 00 will put you in "oh chit KE hav to much sakeke" mode, world map only - KE
02001CF5 - changes which party you are in control of. 01-03 are the normal parties (2 and 3 are only used in multiple-party scenarios), 00 puts you in a party with a character that has kefka's sprite on the world map, ghestal's portrait, and cyan in battle. - KE

02026237 - Changes how many parties you can put your characters into at the party selection screen. - KE

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