Comprehensive Artemis Working Game List

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Core_Launcher V2, Rev 0.2

Baroque [SLUS-21714] - padReadpattern not found

EverGrace [SLUS20016] - Does not load

Extermination [SCUS-97112] - Semi-working with altelfload, won't unhalt from dumping. Normal and silentcore crash durring intro just before title screen

Orphen [SLUS-20011] - Loading Additional Modules (Crash)

Persona 3 FES [SLUS-21621] - Not loading

Persona 4 [SLUS-21782B] - Boots, crashes after memory card check (at opening playback start?)

Finding Nemo (206.28) - Works :)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (203.62) - Works :)

Star Wars: Battlefront (208.98) - padreadpattern not found (it was in older versions)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (213.74) - Freezes on "loading cdrom0:slus213.74;1" for some time, but finally resumes, then freezes on black screen after IOP reset, and doesn't resume (could just be my old backup).FFVII: DoC (214.19) - Loads game, but freezes at title screen.

Sims 2 (212.65) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.

Black (213.76) - Works :)

Justice League: Heroes (213.04) - Works :)

Tekken 5 (210.59) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.

Jak and Daxter (SCUS_971.24) - Loads game, but freezes at black screen after first splash screen.

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance () - Freezes at "loading..." (blue background edges)

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 () - Freezes at "Core Launcher V2 - v0.2" (strange)

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (201.44) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset (debug text screen

display very skewed, and toward top of screen...).

Pro Bass Challenge (206.46) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.

Lego Star Wars II (214.09) - Works :)

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (210.77) - Loads games, but freezes upon ANY button press (even normal presses of X, Start, etc).

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (213.58) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (209.58) - Loads game, freezes on first screen with glitched graphics.

Radiata Stories (212.62) - Freezes on "loading cdrom0:slus212.62;1"

Spiderman 2 (207.76) - Freezes at black screen after IOP reset.

Sims: Bustin' Out (208.42) - Loads game, but unable to communicate with PS2 from PC app.

God of War (SCUS_973.99) - Freezes on "IOP reset done" (debug text remains).

 Tested working with normal core_launcher:
	- Godzilla Unleashed NTSC-U
	- Rogue Galaxy PAL
	- Rayman Ravin Rabbids PAL	
	- Van Helsing PAL
	- Meet the Robinsons PAL
	- Worms 4: Mayhem PAL
	- Hot Wheels: Beat That! PAL
	- Dragon Ball Z Infinite World PAL
	- Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 PAL
	- Euro 2004 PAL
	- Harry Potter: the Order of the Phenix PAL
	- FIFA 2003 PAL
	- Bee Movie PAL
	- Sega SuperStars Tennis PAL
	- Crash of the Titans PAL
	- Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End PAL
	- Narnia Chronicles PAL
	- SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Volcano Island PAL
	- George of the Jungle PAL
	- Burnout Dominator PAL
	- Dark Cloud 2 [SCUS-97213]
	- Galerians: Ash [SLUS-20560]
	- Mad Maestro! [SLUS-20376]
	- Psychonauts [SLUS-21120]
	- Xenosaga II [SLUS-20892,SLUS-21133]

 Tested working with core_launcher_silentcore:
	- Spiderwick Chronicles PAL
	- Sonic Riders Zero Gravity PAL
	- Lego Star Wars PAL
	- Lego Star Wars 2 PAL
	- Lego Indiana Jones PAL
	- Lego Batman PAL
	- Ratatouille PAL
	- The Dog Island PAL
	- Shrek 3 PAL
 	- Azur and Asmar PAL
	- Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty [SLUS-20144]

 Tested working with core_launcher_noadditionalirx:
	- Tomb Raider Underworld PAL
	- Ratchet & Clank: Size matters PAL
	- FIFA 2004 PAL
	- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: the movie PAL
	- Soul Calibur 3 PAL

 Tested working with core_launcher_nosyscallhook:
	- The Golden Compass PAL
	- Sims: Pets PAL
	- Grandia III [SLUS-21334,SLUS-21345] - Hangs after "IOP reset done". Only boots at all through nosyscallhook

 Not working (Unable to start those game backups with CogSwap as well, there having the same symptoms):
	- Spyro: The Eternal Knight PAL (pass loading screen, you can select language, sounds are garbage in video and freezes)
	- Tomb Raider Legend PAL (connect to PC, but after that it's BSOD)
	- Tomb Raider Anniversary PAL (connect to PC, seems to load a few but after that it's BSOD)
	- Call of Duty 3: March to Paris PAL (launch fine, I can dump during menu, but freeze as soon as you want to play)
	- Final Fantasy 12 PAL (connect to PC, seems to load a few but after that it's BSOD)
	- DOA2 Hardcore [SLUS-20071]
	- Dot hack Quarantine [SLUS-20564] - Nothing
	- Star Ocean 3 Till The End Of Time [SLUS-20488,SLUS-20891]

 NOTE: About those games which works but not responding to pad combo, 
 those games are using libpad2, and I still didn't find the corresponding
 padRead function in it.