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Finding Room Data - Batman Forever (Genesis)

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  • Finding Room Data - Batman Forever (Genesis)

    So I have found Level and Room RAM Modifiers for Batman Forever.

    Room Modifier

    Level Modifier

    Running a breakpoint on both Addresses seem to lead me nowhere. The biggest example is this line, when I set a write breakpoint to FFC56A and walk through a door.
    00:EF9E 31 EB MOVE.W $0022(A3),($C56A) A0=FFFFC5C0 A1=FFFFE482 A2=FFFFE90E A3=FFFFD844 A4=00000000 A5=FFFFD536 A6=000AC746 A7=00FFFFEE D0=00010000 D1=00000006 D2=00000200 D3=00000180 D4=009701D2 D5=00000160 D6=000001F2 D7=FFFF0170 xnZvc

    Running a write breakpoint on FFD866 leads me to a dead end with a CLR instruction?

    Am I dealing with a Data Pointer? If so, what steps can I can to find where each numbered room is being loaded. I'd love to be able to remove most of the platform segments in this game and make it borderline playable.

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    Found it!

    The value for each room is loaded ahead of time inside f the previous room you are in and gets loaded through this command.
    00:EF4A 37 6E MOVE.W $0006(A6),$0022(A3) A0=0000EF3A A1=FFFF5DCE A2=000ACD72 A3=FFFFD8B6 A4=FFFFE90E A5=00C00004 A6=000AD18E

    Looks like Batman Forever is getting an overhaul!