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    Hey. I need help from experienced hackers. I am translating Resident Evil Code Veronica X PAL on Russian. EU versions of games run slower, so I patched the image (PS2 PAL To NTSC + Y Fix.exe) in NTSC. Everything seemed to be fine, and smoothness appeared, and videos from NTSC worked correctly. But there was a problem with playing time. It accelerated the same. I can't change (slow down) this instruction. If possible, help me figure out this situation. Here is a test image. 2044A1D0 - RAM address of time. On reading and writing, the addiu (002E8B44) instruction can speed up the game time, but how to slow it down?...
    PS: I did all the experiments on Battle Mode (cheat for activating this mode 10449934 0000FFFF), there the stopwatch is visible.

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    I've tried changing the instructions to:
    lw v1, $08a0(a0) -> lw v1, $089f(a0)
    addiu v1, v1, $0001 -> addiu v1, v1, $0080
    sw v1, $08a0(a0) -> sw v1, $089f(a0)

    On the emulator, the time reduces the stroke by half. But this method only worked on the emulator. On the PS2 console, the game freezes...