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Gamecube Button Activated Codes ***Help Needed***

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  • Gamecube Button Activated Codes ***Help Needed***

    I'm pretty new to GCN hacking, but have managed to hack a couple of button activated codes that work.
    However, the code type I want to hack eludes me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The Game:

    Midways Arcade Treasures (GAKE5D)

    Specific Sub-game: Blaster

    Button Activator (Press L): 280AD6D9 00000040

    Wave # stored at: 00720E45 000000XX

    With this code entered into the Gecko codes section, I'm able to successfully load any level I want pressing L:

    280AD6D8 00000040
    00720E45 000000XX
    E0000000 00000000

    This works with Dolphin and on Wii.

    What I want to achieve is incrementing and decrementing that address.

    If I apply the following code in the AR codes section, it cycles the address by increments of 01h as directed 00h -> FFh:

    80720E45 00000001

    Sooooooo, it seems to me, that this Gecko code should work, but doesn't:

    280AD6D8 00000040
    80720E45 00000001
    E0000000 00000000

    What am I missing?

    I've learned what I have so far by reverse engineering known working codes and studying code types from the library here.

    Please enlighten me if you would.

    I've just about driven myself bat-shit crazy trying to figure this out.

    Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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    properly to write the code this

    280AD6D8 00000040
    00720E45 00000001
    E2000001 80008000
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      Originally posted by lee4 View Post
      properly to write the code this

      280AD6D8 00000040
      00720E45 00000001
      E2000001 80008000
      That isn't what he was asking.

      You could an on off switch to cycle the codes, but that isn't the best way to do this.

      280AD6D8 00000040
      00720E45 00000003
      CC000000 00000000
      00720E45 00000002
      CC000000 00000000
      00720E45 00000001
      CC000000 00000000
      00720E45 00000000
      CC000000 00000000
      E0000000 80008000
      The best method I can come up with involves using PPC ASM.

      lis r10,0x8072
      ori r10,r10,0x0E42         --- set register 10 to 80720E42
      lwz r13,0(r10)             --- load value from address at register 10, store in register 13
      lis r11,0x800A
      ori r11,r11,0xD6D8         --- set register 11 to 800AD6D8
      lwz r11,0(r11)             --- load value from address at register 11, overwrite and store in register 11
      li r12, 0x0001             --- set register 12 to a value of 1
      lis r9,0x0040              --- set register 9 to a value of 0x0040 < L trigger
      cmpw r9, r11               --- compares register 9 to register 11 (checks for button press)
      bne RESET                  --- if not equal go to reset label
      lwz r14,18(r10)            --- check blank address i used for storage of a variable
      cmpw r14, r12              --- check variable
      beq END                    --- if equal go to end label
      addi r13,r13,0x0001        --- add one to value at register 13
      stw r13,0(r10)             --- store the value in register 13 at the address in register 10
      stw r12,18(r10)            --- sets the value at r10+18 to 1 (this stops the code from repeating while holding the button)
      b END                      --- goto END label
      li r12, 0x0000             --- set register 12 to 0
      stw r12,18(r10)            --- storing r12 to blank address to be used as a variable
      Here is the finished code.

      Increase Wave (Sub-game: Blaster) [Welohabi]
      C0000000 0000000A
      3D408072 614A0E42
      81AA0000 3D60800A
      616BD6D8 816B0000
      39800001 3D200040
      7C095800 40820020
      81CA0012 7C0E6000
      4182001C 39AD0001
      91AA0000 918A0012
      4800000C 39800000
      918A0012 4E800020
      *Press L Trigger to Increase Wave*
      *Credits to Hackwiz for 80720E45 and 800AD6D8 Addresses*

      PS: This is my first post on =)
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        Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!! Got plenty of time to study this during the Coronovirus layoff.



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          Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions.
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