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  • Help with Retroarch Wii U

    I just recently hacked my Wii U and now I have installed RetroArch on to it. I saw that the latest version had four versions of MAME on it and found that the 2003 and (maybe?) 2009 versions have cheat support! Problem is RetroArch is not set up like a standalone MAME, there is no .ini file. I looked everywhere for instructions on how to enable cheats, and I was told to enable cheats via the core.cfg file found in the main RetroArch file, then place the cheats in the cores/system/mame file. I've done this I don't know how many times with either a or cheat.dat and nothing works. I'm stumped. Has anyone here successfully got MAME cheats to work with RetroArch for Wii U??? If so, can someone tell me step by step because I'm just at a loss here. Thanks!!!

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    Not all cores in Retroarch support cheats, including the Mame cores:
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      Sorry I took so long to reply! Anyway, I figured it out! MAME 2003 uses cheat.dat while MAME 2009 uses and they need to be put in their respective files in the SYSTEM file for them to work. And of course you have to enable cheats in the core.cfg file found on the main RetroArch file, which means MAME 2000 and MAME 2010, sadly, does not have cheat support. I've now got several MAME games on my Wii U and I am loving it!

      Now I have one more question before I am done with this topic: Can I request MAME cheat codes or even request modification to existing MAME cheat codes in the Requests section of this forum??? Thanks!