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(PS2) spawning enemies/events?

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  • (PS2) spawning enemies/events?

    What's the best way to go about finding out how to call enemies or events in a Playstation 2 game? Can it be done with only hex editing?

    I've figured out how to swap models but the enemies don't act how they should, and the game crashes when they try to attack me. Swapping in-game events also has issues because the right models aren't loaded.

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    Most likely there is a check for when you get too a certain part of the game too spawn the enemies or event find that and making it always be true or false what ever the args are saying etc etc


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      The best way to spawn players is to use a code that has already been found that would update the player's object in memory, I like to use infinite health since most games will have that already hacked. You can use ps2dis and go to the code in a memory dump or the scus/slus file. Iook around the code for any storing operation and check the register that it is storing too. If you have done all of the above correctly you should have the pointer to the player object. Now that we have the player pointer we can do a search to find what is storing the player pointer. When a player spawns the address to the object will be written to the pointer address from the function you just found. From here you can figure out what is being passed to the spawn function and write a small subroutine that will pass those arguments to the function. After this get a joker and apply an active hook to your subroutine.

      When it comes to spawning objects, I suggest having an in-game memory dump. If you can find any codes that do something to the object you would like to spawn you can follow the same steps as the player. One way that seems to have worked for me on a few games is locating the object listing. It will usually be in a list of pointers or a linked list ( a pointer to the next node in the list and a pointer to the previous node in the list ). If you made it that far then locating the function and writing a subroutine is usually the best approach. I have seen in some cases that just hooking the spawn function can work, it really just depends on the arguments needed.

      If you have players that are attacking you but still freezing the game, you will want to try and investigate the issue using a memory dump. Having a memory dump of the object before being modified and a memory dump for after the mod, you can possibly try to identify what is different between the two.
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