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Question About Gamesharks psx With Key !

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  • Question About Gamesharks psx With Key !

    Hi, I have a question , for example i have a bike racing game , and i freeze my speed (full speed) with artmoney, now i unfreezed speed but i assigned special key (space. dat mean when u press space and hold in the keyboard, u will have super speed) well.. also i know to convert dat to gameshark code i just have to double click in the adress, but...
    how can i make dat gameshark with assigned key? for example (press R2 for ultra speed)
    with space my speed up to 5000000
    Sin título.jpg
    and the gameshark adress is
    as we can see the the gameshark with value in HEX is 801B6814 4C4B0
    and dats so long value , the value just can have 4 numbers right??
    well.... how can i make dat gameshark (if is too long) and how can i assigned THE R2 BUTTON FOR SUPER SPEED (not in artmoney, in gameshark for all pc's)
    the game is road rash jailbreak NTSC

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    you split the code like this

    D00D6DE4 ????
    801B6814 4B40
    D00D6DE4 ????
    801B6816 004C
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      ohh i see but what about dat ?>>>>>>> D00D6DE4 ????
      what is dat ?? how u find dat adress ?


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        Thank You i got it, dat adreess is the joker command, but now i have a problem, when i put L2
        for example
        D00D6DE4 0001
        801B6814 4B40
        D00D6DE4 0001
        801B6816 004C

        doesnt works with L2 Button :/
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          As it's a racing game, I'm going to guess offhand that you're pressing something else in addition to L2. Those are equality tests, so if you're sat there holding up or left when you hit L2, it's not going to work. The mask won't be equal to 0001 because it has bits on for L2 and something else, e.g., 8001, if you're holding left at the time. The PSX GameShark doesn't offer a way to do a fine test for a single bit, so if you want to be able to pop L2 regardless of whatever else you might be pressing, you're probably going to have to stash a subroutine somewhere in unused memory.

          If you only need the directional buttons to drive, you might get away with changing to an 8-bit comparison.

          0000 - No Buttons
          0001 - L2 Button
          0002 - R2 Button
          0004 - L1 Button
          0008 - R1 Button
          0010 - Triangle Button
          0020 - Circle Button
          0040 - X Button
          0080 - Square Button
          0100 - Select Button
          0800 - Start Button
          1000 - Up Direction
          2000 - Right Direction
          4000 - Down DIrection
          8000 - Left Direction
          L2 through Square are in the least significant byte, and the D-pad, Start, and Select occupy the most significant byte. So if you can find a way to isolate the value in your speed code to a byte that you aren't typically using while driving, you can make it work with just a code. Or you can just release everything else before you press L2.
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            thank you bro i will try n_n