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  • Originally posted by Tony H View Post

    The 10x EXP multiplier will be no problem, and I was already planning on working on Lunar: TSS next. As far as the Magic EXP gained, I will have to look into that one. What is Magic EXP used for besides doing a game save? Also, I assume that you get a certain amount of Magic EXP after every battle?
    Yes, after each battle you gain a certain amount of Magic Exp. just like regular Exp. The Magic Exp. is used to upgrade your magic throughout the game as well as learn new spells..


    • Originally posted by Liquidpolicenaut View Post
      Awesome work on the editors! I have 2 requests, if possible:

      1) For Lunar: EB, is there a way to increase the exp. gained to 10x? Anyway to also add in one for Magic Exp. gained?

      2) For Lunar: TSS, is there any way to hack in the debug menu to be available from the start?

      Thanks for any efforts!
      Just about have the new version for Lunar: Eternal Blue ready. I found that the debug menu had a bug so I'm removing it from this newest version but will leave the old version here (above) in case anyone still wants to use the debug menu. The bug is when you start a new game and move right from Dragon Ruins Entrance to the next part of the game, your characters are not centered in the screen, and you have to move around a little before you can see your characters. I think the game is still playable, but will remove the debug menu option until I figure out what's wrong with it. Everything else seems to work fine. You can still turn on the debug menu via the save file (brm). See TCRF for details on how to enable that.

      You can always turn off the Debug Menu cheat if it's causing problems.

      Instead of making a Magic EXP multiplier, I made it so that you can level up your magic for free. I also added an option to have a 10x EXP multiplier, per your request. Tested it, and it handles the multiple character level ups with no problems. Will post the new version tomorrow.
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      • Finished the new version of the Lunar: Eternal Blue (Sega CD) Editor and seems to work fine.

        What's new with ver 0.8...

        -Changed EXP multiplier from 2x, 3x, 5x to 2x, 5x, 10x.
        -Added cheat that allows you to level up your magic without using any Magic EXP (works even if you don't have enough).
        -Removed the Debug Menu cheat because of a problem with the code (details in the post above). Will see if I can fix the code when I get some time and put it back in the editor. You can use version 0.7 from the earlier post if you want to play around with the Debug Menu.

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