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  • well i did a little bit of it in sega 32x but the iso i couldnt figer out yet but if you can i will try work isnt the problem dont mind if i can figer out how to do it most of the stuff is not to hard till i got to figering out the iso ones hex just click on goto in the pulldown to the offset is the way i did sega 32x but as for iso it didnt work


    • Before I start, let me say that I haven't tested this at all, so use this info at your own risk. I'm just going by the raw assembly that I see in the iso file.

      Open up your Sonic CD iso file with any hex editor (I use Hex Workshop).

      Search for every occurrence of: 0C39007F00FF0F20

      If there is a 66xx right after that, then change the 66xx to 4E71. If there is a 67xx right after it, then change the 67xx to 60xx.

      Examples: if you see 0C39007F00FF0F20 6610, then you would change it to 0C39007F00FF0F20 4E71. (I put the space right after the FF0F20 to make it easier to read.)

      If you see 0C39007F00FF0F20 671E, then change it to 0C39007F00FF0F20 601E.

      Just remember to do this to every occurrence of 66xx and 67xx, no matter what number the "xx" is.

      There will be lots of matches you'll have to change. Make sure you save the changes when you exit the hex editor.

      That's it.

      One question... why don't you use an emulator and just enter a single PAR code? That would save you a LOT of time messing around with the hex editor. I think there are a few good emulators that support "FF" type RAM/PAR codes with Sega CD.
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      • because i reather do it on a sega cd machien plus the sega cd i try the par sometimes it works sometimes it dont exept the wii gens plus but i reathere do the sega that is why i bought it and also i bought a sega 32x and a mega everdrive as well dont want to wast the money eh


        • ok thanks though i will tell ya how it works


          • Originally posted by nighthawk View Post
            ok thanks though i will tell ya how it works
            I was reading my post and just wanted to clarify something: When I said to "do this to every occurrence of 66xx and 67xx, no matter what number the "xx" is", I mean every occurrence after a "0C39007F00FF0F20".
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            • had no luck it would be easyer if some one would make a patch for it for me sega cd is differnt i think then just find offset that i do in 32x in the sega cd it is just more then one place to do it

              - - - Updated - - -

              in sega 32x just goto offset and replace the code that is it


              • Originally posted by jamie90 View Post
                Can you find codes for shining force cd?
                Hello i don't know if this will help you out but i had the same problem with finding Shining Force Cd codes So i did some self taught Hexing which took forever but was fun and enlightening :>
                I used A program called Hexecute RC7 3.0.0 and found this hope it help's future Shining Force fans like myself

                The Spell's Bytes are scrunched together rate after the item location's following UP LEFT RIGHT DOWN
                SPELL MOD #'s
                0B=Blaze, 4B=Blaze2, 8B=Blaze3, CB=Blaze4, 1B=Katon1,
                0C=Freeze, 4C=Freeze2, 8C=Freeze3, CC=Freeze4,
                0D=Bolt, 4D=Bolt2, 8D=Bolt3, CD=Bolt4,
                02=Detox, 42=Detox2, 04=Slow, 44=Slow2, 06=DSPL, 07=Muddle, 08=Desoul, 48=Desoul2, 09=Sleep,
                0E=Hell, 4E=Hell2, 8E=Hell3
                01=Arua1, 41=Arua2, 81=Arua3, C1=Arua4
                00=Heal1, 40=Heal2, 80=Heal3, C0=Heal4,
                03=Boost1, 43=Boost2

                **The items in the bytes follow UP LEFT RIGHT DOWN** Being 2 Bytes long the second #'rs in the byte are the Item

                ITEM MOD #'s
                *1E=Middle Sword 9F=Long Sword 0A= Steele Sword 21=Broad Sword A2= Critical Sword A3=Samurai Sword 25=Dark Sword 27=Sword of Hajya A6=Sword of Light
                99=Buster Sword "Book3" 9A=Counter Sword "Book3" 1F=Murasame "Book3" 20=Murasana "Book3" 7F=Iris Blade "Book3"

                *30=Hand Axe B1=Middle Axe 32=Battle Axe 1C=Great Axe B3=Heat Axe B4=Axe of Atlas 16=Evil Axe
                93=Large Axe "Book3" 22=Kamikaze Axe "Book3" 94=Earth Axe "Book3"

                *1A=Iron Arrow BC=Steel Arrow A4= Robin's Arrow 1B=Great Shot 3D=Assult Shell 3E=Buster Shot
                97=Hyper Cannon "Book3" 98=Shut Cannon "Book3"

                *11=Leather Glove 92=Power Glove 93=Battle Glove 94=Iron Claw 15=Evil Claw
                91=Misty Knuckle "Book3" 92=Giant Knuckle "Book3" A6=Golden Hummer "Book3" 2E=Chirrup Hummer "Book3" 23=Kizer Knuckle "Book3"
                25=Work Glove "Book3"

                *18=Bronze Rod 99=Iron Rod B8=Power Stick BA=Flail 36=Protect Staff 37=Holy Staff 39=Demon Rod B7=Holy Staff
                95=Great Rod "Book3" 96=Mystery Staff "Book3"

                *28=Bronze Lance A9=Steele Lance AE=Power Spear 2A=Chrome Lance 2C=Halberd AF=Valkyrie 2B=Evil Lance
                9B=Javelin "Book3" 24=Venom Javelin "Book3" 1C=Chrome Lance "Book3"

                *7F=Nothing 00=Herb 01=Healing seed 02=Antidote 03=Healing Rain 05=Powerful Wine 06=Protect Milk 07=Quick Chicken 08=Running Pimento 09=Cheerful Bread 27=Pegasus Wing "Book3" 28=Mythril "Book3" 2F=Teddy's Coat "Book3 for Gyan's sprite"

                *8A= Power Ring 8B=Protect Ring 8C=Quick Ring 8D=Running Ring 8E=White Ring 10=Evil Ring

                Hero Offset 00D52 byte 2= Class of Character
                Level Starts at Offset D52 at byte 3 then Hp Current/Hp Max
                then Mp Current/Mp Max then Att, Def, Agl, Mov
                At Offset D54 byte 8 Is Exp byte 9 Rate after Exp is move type "50" is for fly "20" is for Knight

                Enemies Moves Codeing ??"ENEMY SKILLS"??
                7C on items=D BRTH
                7C on Spells= Zombie2
                AC on Spells= Yeesha3?? The Heck that Girl is cold

                Well that's what i found hope it's Helpful and ok to post this here as i am new :>


                • Fixed these thanks to Tony:

                  Soul Star (U) (updated 10/31/16)

                  Infinite Lives: 1 instance
                  Search: 3E3C01004EB864DA2E78637E537863A6
                  Change: 3E3C01004EB864DA2E78637E53786004

                  Infinite Shields/Energy (rail stages): 1 instance
                  NOTE: Take a hit early and the shields (@ upper right) will auto fill after that but it takes about a minute. If playing without the Invulnerability hack, avoid more damage until they're full which will then keep Energy (@ upper left) from dropping below normal, save for a brief instance when hit.
                  Search: 0C78001462FA6F0852386325597862FA
                  Change: 0C78001462FA6F0852386325600462FA

                  Invulnerability: 1 instance
                  Search: 02780FFE626C4A38632C67045338632C
                  Change: 02780FFE626C4A38632C67046002632C

                  Infinite Homing Missiles (rail stages): 1 instance
                  Search: 003C6004610025FC6100F418537862E8
                  Change: 003C6004610025FC6100F41853786002

                  Infinite Bombs (rail/360 stages): 2 instances, change both
                  Search: 3D7C049400103D7C00850012537862EA
                  Change: 3D7C049400103D7C0085001253786002

                  Infinite Homing Missiles (360 stages): 1 instance
                  Search: 003C6004610020B86100EED4537862E8
                  Change: 003C6004610020B86100EED453786002

                  Disable Countdowns on 360 stages: 1 instance
                  Search: D0410242000FD0427263924031C162FE
                  Change: D0410242000FD0427263924031C16002

                  Infinite Rockets on pickup (rail stages): 1 instance
                  Search: 3D7C000100103D7C00860012537862EC
                  Change: 3D7C000100103D7C0086001253786002

                  Infinite Rockets (360 stages): 1 instance
                  Search: 00103D7C008600126100C9D2537862EC
                  Change: 00103D7C008600126100C9D253786002

                  Infinite Energy against death from above in Boss fights on 360 stages: 1 instance
                  NOTE: This hack and every variation of, work as intended but leave the Energy & Shield graphics messed up. Leaving it here for reference.
                  Search: E4006A027000B0386326670811C06326
                  Change: E4006A027000B0386326600211C06326
                  Last edited by Saturn025; 10-31-2016, 12:33:31 PM. Reason: Corrected/added hacks


                  • Hook (U) (Updated 10/31/16)

                    Stop Timer: 1 instance
                    Search: 003C66EA51F90005E24C53790005E24A
                    Change: 003C66EA51F90005E24C60020005E24A

                    Infinite Health: 1 instance (won't die from falling but can get stuck)
                    Search: E237610002946000004253390005D72B
                    Change: E237610002946000004260020005D72B

                    Infinite Lives: 1 instance
                    Search: B0390005D86E67024E7553390005E236
                    Change: B0390005D86E67024E7560020005E236

                    Infinite Fly on pickup: 1 instance
                    Search: 33FC00C00005D22C4E7553790005E240
                    Change: 33FC00C00005D22C4E7560020005E240

                    Invulnerability: 1 instance
                    NOTE: Useless. Gets stuck in 'hit' sequence and flies sloooowly across screen lol
                    Search: 13FC00010005D36B4E7552390005CDD5
                    Change: 13FC00010005D36B4E7560020005CDD5
                    Last edited by Saturn025; 10-31-2016, 04:21:30 PM. Reason: Corrected the hacks


                    • Cliffhanger (U) (Updated 11/02/16)

                      Infinite Continue Time: 1 instance
                      Search: 662833FC00140007F17453790007F176
                      Change: 662833FC00140007600253790007F176

                      Infinite Continues: 1 instance
                      Search: 0007FFF0323C0001810133C00007FFF0
                      Change: 0007FFF0323C0001810160040007FFF0

                      Infinite Lives (side scrolling stages): 17 instances, change all
                      Search: 001C66046000FD4004390001000B00BC
                      Change: 001C66046000FD4060060001000B00BC

                      Infinite Health (side scrolling stages): 17 instances, change all
                      Search: 6C24BE39000B00B76C1C9F39000B00B7
                      Change: 6C24BE39000B00B76C1C6004000B00B7

                      Invulnerability (side scrolling stages): 17 instances, change all
                      Search: 04DA67140A30008000015339000B04DA
                      Change: 04DA67140A30008000016006000B04DA (Normal)
                      Change: 04DA67140A30008000016004000B04DA (Flickering)

                      Infinite Machine Gun Bullets: 17 instances, change all
                      Search: 009A4A39000B163D664A5339000B0559
                      Change: 009A4A39000B163D664A6004000B0559

                      Infinite Lives (Avalanche): 6 instances, change all
                      Search: 33FC00010007FFE6601853790007FFEE
                      Change: 33FC00010007FFE6601853796004FFEE

                      Skip Snowboarding Stage 1 if you die on it: 1 instance
                      Search: 662C4EB90006030A4A79000610CA670A
                      Change: 662C4EB90006030A4A79000610CA6004

                      Infinite Health Avalanche 1: 1 instance
                      Search: 0018237CFFFFD8F000685B79000610D0
                      Change: 0018237CFFFFD8F000686006000610D0

                      Infinite Health Avalanche 2: 1 instance
                      Search: 0018237CFFFFD8F000685B7900062D20
                      Change: 0018237CFFFFD8F00068600600062D20

                      Invulnerability Avalanche 1/2: 12 instances, change all
                      Search: 6F04532900104A2900116F0453290011
                      Change: 6F04532900104A2900116F0460020011
                      Last edited by Saturn025; 11-02-2016, 10:34:19 AM. Reason: Corrected/added hacks


                      • Novastorm

                        Full Shields = 32 bars

                        Infinite Lives: 25 instances
                        Search: 13D6536E13DA
                        Change: 13D6536E6004
                        Change all

                        Infinite Shields 1: 25 instances
                        Search: 4880916A0092
                        Change: 4880916A6004
                        Change all

                        Infinite Shields 2: 13 instances
                        Search: 4840334000924E751334
                        Change: 4840334060044E751334
                        Change all

                        Infinite Shields 3: 24 instances
                        Search: 4840334000924E753029008448403029
                        Change: 4840334060044E753029008448403029
                        Change all

                        Infinite Shields 4: 25 instances
                        Search: 488091690092
                        Change: 488091696004
                        Change all

                        Infinite Shields 5: 1 instance
                        Search: 00029F6A0092
                        Change: 00029F6A6004

                        Infinite Bombs: 25 instances
                        Search: 4E75536E13DC
                        Change: 4E75536E6004
                        Change all
                        Last edited by Saturn025; 05-19-2015, 03:41:33 PM. Reason: Corrected/added hacks


                        • Sonic CD: (these also work on the Sonic CD++ hack )

                          999 Rings After Taking A Hit (must have at least 1) (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
                          Search: 4442444451CDFF4433FC000000FF1512
                          Change: 4442444451CDFF4433FC03E700FF1512
                          73 instances, change all

                          Infinite Lives (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
                          Search: 00FF1510523900FF150E533900FF1508
                          Change: 00FF1510523900FF150E600400FF1508
                          73 instances, change all

                          Stop Time Increase (side scrolling stages): 73 instances, change all (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
                          Search: 00093B3B670000E04A38F7CC66245221
                          Change: 00093B3B670000E06002F7CC66245221

                          Stop Countdown On Bonus Stages: 1 instance
                          Search: E319663C4A390003E318663453B88026
                          Change: E319663C4A390003E318600453B88026

                          Never Lose Rings In Bonus Stage: 1 instance
                          Search: 6100CEA6303880243200E24831C08024
                          Change: 6100CEA6303880243200600231C08024

                          Infinite Air: 11 instances, replace all (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
                          Search: 0033003208E800070036537900FF150A
                          Change: 0033003208E800070036600400FF150A

                          Infinite Bubble Shield for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 52 instances, change all
                          Search: 000C000C4228002A08B9000000FF151E
                          Change: 000C000C4228002A6004000000FF151E

                          Infinite Invincibility (Stardust) for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 73 instances, change all
                          Search: 00FF151F673C4A680032673653680032
                          Change: 00FF151F673C4A680032600453680032

                          Infinite Speed Shoes for the rest of the stage or death (once picked up): 70 instances, change all
                          Search: 00FF1520674E4A680034674853680034
                          Change: 00FF1520674E4A680034674860020034

                          High Jump: 88 instances, change all
                          Search: 00680038
                          Change: 0068001E
                          NOTE: 38=56 & 1E=30. Lower # = higher jump. 01 sends Sonic high off the board, never to return lol

                          This one is superseded by the 999 rings one but leaving here in case the other is overkill lol (don't use together)
                          Never Lose Rings When Hit (must have at least 1) (Edited to hopefully reflect proper ASM hacking)
                          Search: 4442444451CDFF4433FC000000FF1512
                          Change: 4442444451CDFF446004000000FF1512
                          (or 6006 as shown here)
                          73 instances, change all

                          1 ring = 7: 73 instances, change all
                          Search: 527900FF1512
                          Replace with: 5E7900FF1512

                          1st ring = 999: (each additional ring subtracts 1 tho) 73 instances, change all
                          Search: 527900FF1512
                          Replace with: 5F7900FF1512

                          Invincibility: (keeper7's code, not mine)
                          NOTE: ONLY AGAINST ENEMIES.
                          REPLACE ALL INSTANCES FOR THIS ONE
                          Last edited by Saturn025; 10-27-2016, 12:08:10 AM. Reason: Added hacks


                          • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (U)

                            Infinite Lives: 7 instances
                            Search: 0010536E01CE
                            Change: 0010536E6004

                            Full health=60
                            No Damage from eels/acid: 10 instances
                            Search: 046E000A01CA
                            Change: 046E000A6004

                            No Damage from Mutant (orig): 1 instance
                            Search: FF0000260801
                            Change: FF0000266004

                            No Damage from Mutant (alt): 15 instances
                            Search: 3D6E0194018E
                            Change: 3D6E01946004
                            Change all

                            No Damage from Victor Frankenstein: 15 instances
                            Search: 3D6E0192018E
                            Change: 3D6E01926004
                            Change all

                            No Damage from Spiders: 3 instances
                            Search: 0006536E01CA
                            Change: 0006536E6004
                            Change all
                            Last edited by Saturn025; 05-18-2015, 12:08:34 PM. Reason: Corrected/added hacks


                            • Bram Stoker's Dracula

                              Infinite Lives: 1 instance
                              Search: 10C2536E10C4
                              Change: 10C2536E6002

                              Infinite Continues: 1 instance
                              Search: 4E75536E0034
                              Change: 4E75536E6002

                              Infinite Health 1: 1 instance
                              Search: 00F8536E0F76
                              Change: 00F8536E6002

                              Infinite Health 2: 1 instance
                              Search: 0040916E10C2
                              Change: 0040916E6002
                              Last edited by Saturn025; 05-18-2015, 02:21:48 PM.


                              • Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure

                                Infinite Lives: 1 instance
                                Search: 5339000098B1
                                Change: 533900006004

                                Infinite Health: Change 1st of 2 instances
                                Search: 13C000009536
                                Change: 13C000006004

                                Invulnerability: 1 instance
                                Search: 98B8670000165379000098B8
                                Change: 6004670000165379000098B8

                                Infinite Sacks: 1 instance
                                Search: 5339000098B2
                                Change: 533900006004

                                Infinite Fire Bombs: 1 instance
                                Search: 5339000098B4
                                Change: 533900006004

                                Infinite Boomerangs: 1 instance
                                Search: 5339000098B3
                                Change: 533900006004
                                Last edited by Saturn025; 05-14-2015, 11:21:50 PM. Reason: Corrected/added hacks