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PSX Gameshark on PS2.

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  • PSX Gameshark on PS2.

    This is a fairly straightfoward question.

    Will Gameshark Lite (Doesn't require the Dongle to work) Work on a PS2 slim? After buying a PS2 off of my friend, i found that the dongle isn't recognized by the PS2 while my Gameshark 3.3 disc is in.

    The Gameshark lite is completely disc based and saves codes onto a regular PS1 Memory card.

    Im using a PS2 75001, if that makes any difference.

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    I don't see why it wouldn't work. I haven't heard of anything made for the PS1 not working on the PS2 (except for the GS Pro that had to be plugged into the PS1). However, I haven't tested it. So I'm just guessing.
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      It should. I used to use one on my PS1, and it should work on the PS2. It was possible to play PS1 backups with the Gameshark Lite also.
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        Sony blocked a few of them on various revisions of the PS2 because they didn't have the correct license data along with region matchng the license.
        On a few of the earlier discs it states "this product isn't endorsed or licensed by Sony" or whatever and the PlayStation logo graphic was left blank.
        You can perform the same test in epsxe to see if it'll work with your region BIOS by using the -slowboot shortcut extension, if the license data doesn't match your region it'll stay on the cd player / memory card screen.
        I don't know what screen Austrlian users see but I know they used European PAL discs.
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          The only PS1 device I was able to use on my PS2's over time (I have one of those Game Enhancer devices that plug into the back of the PSX) was the one that came bundled with the GameShark v2. It's OK to use but you can't add your own codes. There is a GameShark v5 disc for PS1 games that works on all PS2 models, I believe. You can add codes to it. The following was taken from this FAQ:

          Does the PSX GameShark or Pro Action Replay work with the PS2?
          The GameShark, Pro Action Replay, and other similar cheat devices try to
          interface directly with the PSX hardware, which often results in problems
          when used with a PS2. Trying to use my GameShark CDX on my PS2 resulted in
          catastrophic glitching.

          However, User 1 tells me that his Codebreaker (a cheating
          device from Pelican) worked well on his PS2 to play PSX games.

          The GameShark 2 for PS2 has been released recently, and enables codes for PSX
          games as well as PS2 games, but has been the brunt of a lot of criticism
          because it will not allow you to create custom codes. Buyer beware.

          User 2 advises that the GameShark Lite (whatever that is, I don't
          follow these things will work on the PS2 and let you customize your codes.
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            does anyone have instructions for tha psone gameshark ver 4.0 or 4.11?