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    More RAW copy and paste.

    Move Through Walls (Hold L2 and any direction)
    D1F12EC2 0000FEEF
    30200014 0045a58A
    D1F12EC2 0000FEBF
    30300014 0045a58A
    D1F12EC2 0000FEDF
    30200014 0045a582
    D1F12EC2 0000FE7F
    30300014 0045a582

    What it specifically does is modify your current location. Holding L2 and either down or left will pull you to the center of the room at either the X or Y axis. Holding L2 and either up or right will move you away from the center of the room exponentially farther away, so you won't need to hold it for long.

    You can also use it to get away from enemies very fast.

    Avoid Enemy Attacks (rotate beneath floor, press L3)
    D1F12EC2 0000FFFD
    2045A5C0 41800000

    I think Henry's pitch, yaw, and roll values are at 2045A5C0, 2045A5C8, and 2045A5D0, or at least very close to that. It resets itself everytime you enter a room. I set it so Henry rotates and ends up upside down below the floor. Enemies can't hit you and you can go through doors and do everything else you normally can except for hit enemies.
    Yeah, it's kind of a dumb way to avoid enemies, but it works and I can't find another way.
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    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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      I forgot, the joker I used wasn't mine. I got it from cmgsccc so it's probably CMX's I'm guessing.
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        OK, edited notes to include that note.
        I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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          Weird Speed Modifier (Hold CIRCLE)
          D1F12EC2 0000DFFF
          2045a410 40800000
          About the same as the Silent Hill 2 one.

          Henry is Mostly Invincible
          2045a74c 00000000
          You can walk through all enemies and Eileen. The only attack that worked on me was when a ghost grabbed me, otherwise everything went right through me without causing any damage.

          Eileen Mostly Invincible
          2045ab8c 00000000
          Same as Henry, she can also walk through enemies and Henry.

          Eileen Infinite Health
          2045a988 42c80000
          2045a9ac 42c80000
          They didn't seem to have any effect on her at the end of the game. It just keeps her from falling over in pain so you don't need to wait for her to get up.

          Eileen Position Modifiers
          X-axis - 2045aa50
          height - 2045aa54
          Y-axis - 2045aa58
          You can use them with the copy bytes code type so she is in the exact same place as Henry all the time so you don't need to wait for her. I used
          5045a580 0000000c
          0045aa50 00000000

          All Enemies Gone (except bosses?)
          0045ADF4 00000005
          It's a different value for the codejunkies difficulty code. It probably saves too. The final boss, Walter, didn't disappear though, so the few bosses might stay. Change it to a normal difficulty when you need to. 04 is also a difficulty, looks like a very hard difficulty because enemies are a bit quicker and hit even faster.

          And the useless extras with default values. They seem to affect anything that isn't a menu, so in game movies will have the zoom and stuff too.
          2045a380 43800000
          seems to stretch width of things and shift their image slightly along x-axis. You can make characters and enemies and anything that moves look very wide and fat. Can't interact with things in the apartment if the default value isn't set, but you can still go through doors.
          2045a394 43600000
          seems to stretch the height of things. Same apartment problems.

          2045a3c0 0000fde8
          removes many visuals. You will be able to see through many walls and whatever else.

          2045a3c8 45000000
          stretches environment appearance on x-axis and shifts it a little. I also couldn't escape the apartment except through doors.
          2045a3cc 45000000
          stretches environment appearance on y-axis and shifts it a little. Same apartment problems.

          better camera zoom
          2045a1b4 3f800000
          smaller number = zoom farther out, try 3e800000. Everything closer to the center of the screen gets farther away.
          bigger number = zoom in more.

          camera zoom
          2045aef0 3f800000
          Not as good, has more problems than the other one. The values are opposite too, big numbers will zoom out, but 40800000 or higher caused problems and I gave up.
          smaller number = zoom in
          bigger number = zoom out

          2045a1b8 3f480000
          stretches screen height
          less = more
          more = shrink
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            SH4TR Total game time code

            Hi, since this is the official Silent Hill 4 code posting forum on this site, I thought I'd go ahead and make a request here, instead of making a new thread for it.

            I'm trying to get the 10-Star rating, so I can unlock One Weapon Mode. However, while someone could probably come up with a code that unlocks the extra game modes, I'd rather unlock them myself, with a little bit of a code boost. Basically, a "Low Total Game Time" code like there are with the other games, would allow me to work on gathering all the notes and still have fun on my fourth time all the way through, and be able to get 10 stars.

            I've played the game from beginning to end three times (which is unusual for me, seeing as how I've played through the other SH games I have at least three times that). However, I've begun a continue (off of my third time around file) ten times, and every time I try to uphold the 10-star minimum requirements, I end up missing too many memos or taking too long . I love the game, but I'm kind of slow at it, so this has become quite an issue with me.

            If anyone could please post a "Low Total Play Time" code here, then I would be very grateful. Thank you!

            Respectfully yours,
            I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.


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              The official AR Max codes at the codejunkies website has codes for all the end results. Low Time, Difficulty Hard, Have All Memos, No Saves, and whatever the other ones were. They already exist.
              Database December 4, 2017



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                All I have is Code Breaker version 8. I've also got a really old version of Game Shark, but I hardly ever use it these days.

                I was hoping to not have to buy another cheat device. CB is covers just about everything. AR, if I remember correctly, is a bit pricey.

                Is there some way to convert AR codes to be usable by CB? I doubt it's as simple as that, but I can't rule it out. Otherwise, I'm still hoping someone comes up with a Code Breaker time code.
                I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.


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                  You don't need another cheat device, just convert the codes to the correct format. Omniconvert is the perfect tool for converting codes from one device to another.

                  These are the official codejunkies codes converted to RAW. They aren't mine. You can change the difficulty at any time with a joker command while playing. If you set the difficulty to about 06 or higher all the enemies except for bosses will disappear, so if you want an incredibly easy game that would be the code, just make sure to save before you finish the game and set the difficulty to hard. They will work on Silent Hill 4 for codebreaker since that only uses the old CB v1-6 encryption.

                  Difficulty is Hard
                  2045ADF4 00000003

                  Low Play Time
                  2045AF40 00000100

                  Zero Saves
                  21EB608C 00000000
                  21EBC798 00000000

                  Zero Continues
                  2045AF44 00000000

                  Max Enemies Defeated
                  2045AF48 000003E7

                  Have All Scrapbook Items
                  206E749C FFFFFFFF
                  206E74A0 FFFFFFFF
                  This doesn't just affect the results screen; all of the memos willl be in your Scrapbook.
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                    Whoah! Thanks!

                    Thanks! That's perfect. And now that I've heard about that program, I can start pulling some of my own weight . Anyway, thanks again.

                    Respectfully yours,
                    Master Writer 42
                    I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.


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                      Camera instructions and a few new code requests

                      Hey there.

                      I tried to use the 'better zoom' code, but I can't figure out how it works. I assume there's something I have to do in-game to activate it? At first I assumed it would activate with just L2, or with L2 and L3 like the built-in zoom feature seen in SH3. I can't figure out where it's usable or how to turn it on and off. If you could please explain it, I'd appreciate it. If it's a Code Breaker Only code then let me know, cause I'm using the game shark 2 now (the newest game shark available). I know that some codes don't function properly on some disks. But with the raw code enabled these others work fine.

                      I have 4 different code requests:

                      1. Eileen speed modifiers: Maybe something that makes Eileen move faster than normal, perhaps this would be made possible if someone modified the speed code for Henry. I just want Eileen's walking to speed up, I don't plan on speeding up Henry's walking.

                      2. Rapid Fire: I see that all (or at least most) of the other Silent Hill games have Rapid Fire codes posted on this site. From what I've see and experienced, Henry's pistol and Richard's Revolver can be extremely frustrating to use. But if those two guns were sending forth led/silver at a rate that rivals Eileen's sub machine gun, then gunning down monsters would probably be much more satisfying than it is now. And it would make using the pickax of despair a lot more efficient, too, because we wouldn't need to worry about the enemy running away before the thing gets swung.

                      3. Better Infinite Item Use: In most games, infinite item use means that if you have 1 of an item you can use it as many times as you want, but without it making the item suddenly 99 instead. When I used official codes for items, I ran into a huge problem before long, because it replicated weapons and things that, when stored, eventually froze the box because it can only hold so many things at one time (my save was ruined, I couldn't deposit anything by the time the final fight came around, thus, I couldn't grab what needed to be grabbed). What I would like to see is a code that simply allows all items in your inventory to be used infinite times. The game can process every key item stored within it at the same time, just not multiples. And unless it's all slots at once, there will be the problem where one item is replaced by another.

                      4. Unbreakable Weapons: Granted, there's only a handful of weapons that can break, and one of them you do want to break (bottle), but I am very fond of the golf clubs. It's of course of a lesser importance than the other three codes, but I thought I'd go ahead and toss this in just in case someone else thinks it's a good idea too.

                      Thanks again,
                      I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.


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                        It's been so long since I played. Nothing I ever found had any good use in the apartment from what I remember. I used zoom to zoom in and out of movies and whatever else while playing. It might have even worked in Henry's apartment.

                        I should have made that into an increase/decrease thing. I never think to do that and other people don't know how.
                        D1F12EC2 0000FDEF (R2 + Up)
                        30200004 0045a1b6
                        D1F12EC2 0000FDBF (R2 + Down)
                        30300004 0045a1b6
                        I should have made that size modifier for Katamari Damacy use the increase/decrease command. I've got to go check that now.

                        As for infinite items, did you try the official gameshark code?
                        201B1984 00000000
                        That should do it. It was labeled infinite items/ammo. When I see an early address with 0's, I'm assuming it's removing the instruction to remove 1 from the current count. It should work.
                        I was going to check codejunkies, but as usual their dumbass website is far too unfriendly to my dialup speed, so it's going to take me about 2 hours and 60 page reloads to actually get to any page on that website. If you wanted to check them quick, good luck:

                        The Eileen speed modifer, I think I attempted to find that and didn't. I was assuming the game would use similar clumps of data, so exactly a little distance after all of Henry's data would be almost all of the same exact data for Eileen. Going by that assumption, I must have missed it, or the weird running code is only usable by player control. Both Henry and Eileen have that invincible code where they can walk through enemies, so exactly the same distance from Henry's running code should have been Eileen's running code. I honestly can't remember if I tried it though, but I find it hard to believe that I would have missed trying it. I guess it's possible. It should be very close to this address, if it isn't this one:
                        2045a850 41000000
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                          Thank you for the codes and the modification to the camera code. It's okay, I hadn't really planned on using it in the apartment. I've pretty much seen all there is to see of the apartment while using the move through walls code, which, while less pleasant than walk-through-walls (I of course prefer freely walking around compared to pressing buttons to slingshot me), worked quite well in that case. The current code seems more effective and interesting when in the apartment than when anywhere else in the game. I did use it to cut out most of the work in the subway world trips (both of them - the first pretty much eliminated me having to do much of anything, but the second only sped up things quite a bit, by getting me the commuter's pass early) though. Lol, I don't own the original Katamari Damaci, but I can see as to how that could be a pretty awesome code. I've got We Love Katamari, and it's addicting to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if there were some people who went into rehab because of it ;P

                          I did try the game shark official infinite items code, that's the one I had tried using, and had been turning on each time I used gs codes for the game. But if I use a candle, health item, sword of obedience, or what have you, the item goes away. I don't know if the item is only set up for bullets/multiple capacity items, but it hasn't done what I would have liked. What's the point in infinite bullet boxes if you have infinite ammo in the gun itself? I don't understand that. I'm not sure about the action replay codes, I've not really touched anything other than gs and raw format codes since the code breaker died, and since I'm solely using a mac machine at the moment. I'll try to find a few minutes when my Dad isn't using the XP machine, and use good ol' Max Convert (a blessing indeed) to translate any item codes AR has.
                          Yeah, the Eileen digit relationship you're describing is exactly what I thought it would be, too. I've observed that sort of thing in other games, and, yes, in the codes you have done for this game (the invincible code in particular, of course. I didn't expect that the raw codes for some of the character effects to be so similar to those that aren't focused on the characters, though). And really, it makes perfect sense, if you ask me. It's like in the Resident Evil Outbreak games, the partner characters' codes are just a slight modification from the player character's codes.

                          I'll test out the Eileen speed code prototype for you, and tweak it a bit if necessary, and get back to you about it.
                          I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.


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                            Originally posted by masterwriter42 View Post
                            I'll try to find a few minutes when my Dad isn't using the XP machine, and use good ol' Max Convert (a blessing indeed) to translate any item codes AR has.
                            Omniconvert converts every code encryption format from one device to another.

                            For Infinite Items, did you try the codetwink codes?
                            That's item slot 1, changed to always have 2 instead of 999.
                            105D1034 00000002

                            Item Slot 2
                            105D103C 00000002

                            They are all just 8 bytes apart.
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                              Wow, that might work. I hadn't thought of changing the number given.
                              I'm a writer/artist in 2D and 3D(including animation)/reviewer of games/movies/etc media/products.