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    There's a problem with how Dirt Trax FX is programmed. PAR codes starting with 7E****** use the WRAM memory domain, but I didn't find anything useful there. I found something in the CARTRAM that allows you to finish a stage right away. Wait until the screen fully lights up when the bikes are approaching the starting line, turn the codes on before the race actually starts, and you come in 1st place by default. The real issue is that my codes will only work with the BizHawk emulator...

    Dirt Trax FX (SNES) (use CARTRAM memory domain)

    Finish race instantly (leave codes off when not in use)

    I would make these into PAR codes that you could use with SNES9x except I don't know what letters cartridge RAM codes are supposed to start with, and Google was absolutely unhelpful when I asked.


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      Sega Genesis
      X-Perts - Freeze Timer

      I'm deep into the terrible game and I didnt know a bomb goes off and ends the game after a certain time.
      This code has some effect on the timer, it just skips over a digit but keeps on ticking

      Normally I would easily be able to find a basic timer code, something is different about this


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        Originally posted by GForce View Post
        Sega Genesis
        X-Perts - Freeze Timer

        I'm deep into the terrible game and I didnt know a bomb goes off and ends the game after a certain time.
        This code has some effect on the timer, it just skips over a digit but keeps on ticking

        Normally I would easily be able to find a basic timer code, something is different about this
        Looks like there are at least 2 addresses that deal with that in game timer. FFB648 is for the seconds (higher RAM addresses are used for the minutes, etc). Using that, I found the table in the ROM that decides when to trigger the "Secondary Mission Active" announcement in the game (that female voice). The ROM address for the amount of time before she announces it is at 0x29CC8. The value at that ROM address is 00F0. If you use this code and start a new game, she will make that announcement after only 5 seconds: 029CC8:0005

        Hopefully this will give you enough info to get things figured out. Keep in mind that there is a small possibility that there is a third timer that pauses when you pause the game (press the Start button), unless you know that the game will let you die from too much time even if you have "paused" the game by pressing start.

        If you are still having trouble getting the bomb/death timer figured out, I'll need this info:

        How much time are you talking about before you die? Do you know if the bomb/death timer is reset for each level? Do you have a save state shortly before the bomb goes off (Gens or Fusion)?
        The Code Hut:


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          I found a continuation code on GameFAQ to bring me back close to where I was in the game. The timer is from the code is past the timer I have in my saved game so I know I'll need to work faster and not pause the game with the timer running.

          I also created a PAR code that instantly completes the repetitive computer tasks assigned to the team so that will save me more time.
          If I cant figure this out, I'll get back to you. But thanks for taking the time to giving it a try.


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            SNES Dungeon Master
            Freeze Lord Chaos - Final Boss

            To beat the game you have to cast a spell to put an energy cage around the boss than hit him with a different spell. Boss can teleport right out, WTF? I've created a code for my character to warp around the dungeons using a basic X,Y coordinate code I created. So, my guess is that the boss can be pinned down using a similar code.

            I have save states, links to maps, and PAR codes from this site. I'm so close to the end, can someone help me nail down Lord Chaos so I can finally cage him and end this?


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              Sega Genesis - Madou Monogatari I (Any helpful RPG style codes)

              Theres not even an entry for the game here on this site. It uses no visible numbers, gauges, or numerical values on the player screen except for money/gold. I guess its a clever way to depict the character's health or experience in visual pictures and the character's facial expression but it's wreaking havoc on code creating. This games might/must use some kind of non standard programming because I cant even figure out how to control the amount of gold I have. Any help would be appreciated.


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                Madou Monogatari (Genesis)

                FFF985:01 Have 999,990 Gold
                FFF986:86 Have 999,990 Gold
                FFF987:9F Have 999,990 Gold
                FFF988:32 Quick Level Up
                FFF9D1:FF Infinite HP

                If these don't work as codes then try a hex editor. It will work in the "68K RAM" memory domain in BizHawk.

                F985:01 Have 999,990 Gold
                F986:86 Have 999,990 Gold
                F987:9F Have 999,990 Gold
                F988:32 Quick Level Up
                F9D1:FF Infinite HP


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                  Excellent job, they work great. I cant wait to fly through this game now. Thanks as always


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                    Madou Monogatari (Genesis)

                    Pass Final Exam with 100 score

                    How would we create an entry for this game in the database? It doesnt exist right now

                    Another game with no codes on here is Genesis - Winter Challenge

                    I'm seeking a code to stop the timers or affect my scores/points for guaranteed wins
                    I cant figure this out using K-Fusion


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                      Winter Challenge (Genesis)

                      Freeze Timer

                      Huge Score Ski Jump


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                        Great work as always, thank you

                        The freeze timer works for bobsled and luge.

                        Can you try to make similar codes for skiing and/or skating events too?

                        Tough and terrible game but I'm so close in beating it


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                          This should just about do it. I can see how this game would be a problem at least. A code value of 01 doesn't mean 1 second on the clock so exact number searches will not work.

                          Winter Challenge (Genesis)

                          Freeze Timer on Skating

                          Freeze Timer on Giant Slalom and Biathlon


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                            Codes worked perfectly, thank you. Another terrible game done and gone forever.

                            If you're up for a challenge, there's a Summer Challenge game for Genesis with a variety of Olympic events.
                            Made by the same company with the same low quality controls and frame rate.


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                              Summer Challenge (Genesis)

                              Freeze Timer In Archery

                              Always Score A 2.50 In High Jump (Note1)

                              Always Score A 6.20 In Polevault (Note1)

                              Freeze Timer In Equestrian And Hurdles

                              255 Points In Archery

                              Freeze Timer In Cycling

                              Freeze Timer In Kayak

                              No Knockdowns In Equestrian

                              No Hit Gates In Kayak

                              No Missed Gates In Kayak

                              Note1: You need to actually place a score for these codes to work. The easiest way to do this is set the bar as low as the game will allow. If you score, the game will record the score as if the bar were at the top.


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                                Great work as usual but the codes for the pole vault and high jump only work during training sessions.
                                During a real tournament, the high scores arent recorded and kept for final scores.