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Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, PS1, PS2 Hacking Programs

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  • Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, PS1, PS2 Hacking Programs

    Making a bunch of hacking programs, so thought I would just put them all into one thread from now on. All of these are also available on my site.

    Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega CD, and 32x Game Genie Code Creator version 0.8:

    Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega CD, and 32x Game Genie Code Creator version 0.9 (adds Game Genie encryption):

    Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega CD, and 32x Game Genie Code Creator version 1.0 (adds 16-bit support for filtered searches and replacement values):

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    The Code Hut:

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    Programs that make Genesis Game Genie master codes.

    This one makes master codes for EA (Electronic Arts) games:

    This one tries to make master codes for other games besides EA:
    The Code Hut:


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      This is a Genesis Game Genie code encrypter/unencrypter. Has many new features not available in others that I've seen.


      EDIT: There is an updated version here:
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        Made a bunch of Sega CD hacking programs that let you patch cheats into the ISO/bin file. Here's a list of games so far:

        Adventures of Batman & Robin
        Bram Stokers Dracula
        Final Fight
        Lunar - Eternal Blue (3 different ones)
        Lunar - The Silver Star
        Popful Mail
        Road Rash
        Sonic CD
        The Terminator
        These all start here:

        A couple Genesis ROM editors:

        Road Rash Bike editor:
        Road Rash 2 bike editor:

        And some 32x ROM editors:

        Doom 32X

        Knuckles Chaotix 32x

        Shadow Squadron/Stellar Assault 32x

        The Code Hut:


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          Was using my Genesis Game Genie code converter today and found a couple bugs. Fixed those and added a couple things.

          Version 1.0 = Fixed bug where adding a leading zero to the ROM address or value would move the cursor and mess up your input, fixed issue where ROM address and value were not being cleared when GG code was cleared, added a title to the form, added a Reset button.


          The Code Hut:


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            I've always hated porting codes over for different regions/versions (so boring). Made a program that does it automatically. Fairly easy to use, but added numbers to help guide people. The Help button has all the info. It uses 12 bytes for the pattern search, which should be plenty in most cases. I thought about hiding those 12 text boxes, but thought people would like to see what's going on.

            Example: If you have Game Genie codes for a USA version of a game, but you have the European version and the USA codes don't work, this program will make new codes for your European version.


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              Patchinator will patch Game Genie codes into any Genesis, Mega Drive, or 32x ROM. It will also fix checksums for you, including fixing checksum problems (blank red or black screen) with EA (Electronic Arts) ROMs.

              This program has some improvements over other ROM patching programs (like Game Genie Guy). Patchinator can fix checksum issues with any EA ROM. EA games don't use the checksum value in the header like other games, so fixing that value doesn't work (which is what other patching programs do). Patchinator allows you to only fix checksum problems if you want (without patching in any codes). Also, Patchinator doesn't use an external program (like uCON64) for calculating the checksum.


              The Code Hut:


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                [QUOTE = Tony H; n213311] Я сегодня использовал мой конвертер кода Genesis Game Genie и обнаружил пару ошибок. Исправлены и добавлены кое-что.

                Версия 1.0 = Исправлена ​​ошибка, из-за которой добавление начального нуля к адресу или значению ПЗУ приводило к перемещению курсора и нарушению ввода, исправлена ​​проблема, когда адрес и значение ПЗУ не очищались при очистке кода GG, в форму добавлен заголовок, добавлена ​​кнопка сброса.

                [ATTACH = JSON] {"data-align": "none", "data-size": "full", "data-attachmentid": 213312} [/ ATTACH]

                [ATTACH] n213313 [/ ATTACH] [/ QUOTE]
                you can do this to enter multiple codes at the same time?

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                  Only one code at a time for the code converter
                  The Code Hut:


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                    This program will give you access to 2 unused gun turrets that were removed from the final release of Herzog Zwei, and allows you to fully edit their stats. Will work on either version of the game.


                    There is an updated version below
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                      Since all of the stats for the unused gun turrets in Herzog Zwei were set to zero when they released the game, it's hard to know how to set them for a balanced game. I've updated the editor and added preset buttons to display stats for other units in the game, which should help.

                      The unused turrets didn't have any AI (they didn't attack when they were deployed next to an enemy), so the editor changes some pointers to make them use the Cannon AI. I found that by using different AI and stats, I could make the turrets move around the map looking for bases or enemies so may add that option in the future.

                      Updated Herzog Zwei Unused Turret Editor (Ver 1.0)


                      The Code Hut:


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                        Did a complete overhaul on the old Road Rash 2 bike editor. You can now edit every setting for the starting bike (Shuriken 400), including acceleration, top speed, 4 different handling settings, how many nitro boosts you have, what level you start on (including the secret level 6 where you race against all the cops), some options to modify the tracks specifically for testing your bike, a few buttons that show settings for other bikes in the game so you can get an idea on how to adjust your settings, and the editor will remember your previous settings, which makes it easy to make adjustments if you're not happy with your new settings.


                        The Code Hut:


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                          Thought I'd try some PlayStation stuff.

                          An editor for Road Rash (PlayStation). Edits the bin/iso file (SLUS 00035).


                          The Code Hut:


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                            An ISO editor for Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PlayStation 2). Lets you adjust the cost of some of the cars at the Car Dealer (Simulation Mode). Works on either of the USA versions (Version 1.0 or 1.10 (SCUS-97102 or PBPX 95503)).

                            Even though the iso file is fairly large (3.6 GB), the editor will patch it almost instantaneously.


                            The Code Hut:


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                              Editor for Road Rash 64 (Nintendo 64) lets you customize many parts of the game, and will patch them into your ROM. Designed for the "Big Game" mode so doesn't work well in "Thrash" mode.

                              You can edit: Starting cash, cost of some of the bikes, how many bikes are available in the bike shop, your bike health, how many opponents you race against (you can race by yourself if you'd like), how much money you win for finishing the race, which bikes your opponents will be riding (can even have them riding the very slow 125cc Scooters), and you can turn on the checksum bypass if needed.

                              There are buttons that show you handy preset values and ones that will show you the current values in the ROM, which is useful if you want to make changes to your previous settings.

                              ROM must be in .z64 format (you can use programs like Tool64 to convert your ROM if needed.


                              The Code Hut: