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[Request] Waterworld (Game Boy / Europe) - Multiple Codes

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  • [Request] Waterworld (Game Boy / Europe) - Multiple Codes

    Hi, I'm looking to request a few codes for this game. It already has some, but I was hoping if I could get codes for Infinite Health/Energy, Invincibility and Stop Timer.

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    Infinite Time
    Missles worth ??

    Starfish worth ??

    start with 9 lives

    Infinite Lives

    Infinite Credits

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      Thank you so much for the codes! They helped me out tremendously in what would've been a pretty brutal game without them. There's a number of things I made a note of as I was playing through the game.

      -I couldn't get the Starfish Worth code to work, at least, not on my emulator (Visual Boy Advance). I think it's short a letter/number in the middle there.

      -The Missiles Worth code works whenever you have zero of them in your inventory. Picking up another pack of missiles while you have more than 5 won't increase it to whatever number you have put into the code. But yeah, it does work.

      -The Invincibility code works. However, I ran into an issue where swinging onto poles or anything that causes you to flash will make you invisible until you turn the code off.

      -The Infinite Time code worked wonderfully in pretty much all levels. I ran into an issue on Stage 1-6 where the level would loop endlessly if the code is kept turned on. Simply turning it off fixes this and the stage will eventually end. Another issue I ran into with this is once Level 3 begins. They introduce "net pits", in which falling into them means instant-death. However if the Infinite Time code is on while you're in the pit, you don't "die"; you're stuck in there with no means of getting out. I originally thought that this was due to the Invincibility code being turned on, but what happens is that the clock needs to run out first before the game registers it as a "death", so again, turning off the Infinite Time code will fix this issue too.

      -It wasn't until later I discovered that the Infinite Lives GameShark code by Sage that's posted in the Waterworld codes page isn't actually for lives, but for infinite health, which helped me out a lot too while playing through this game. But if there's anyone here that could probably rename the Lives code here to "Health", I'd appreciate it:

      Despite all of this, I was able to easily playthrough the game with little frustration, especially with the Infinite Time code. I was able to freely explore each level and was able to find some hidden passage ways without having to worry about the clock. If I could possibly bug you (or anyone else) about making an actual Infinite Lives code as well as looking into that Starfish Worth code again (unless you got that working on a different emulator and it's just VBA, then it can just be left alone), I'd be most grateful. Again, I really appreciate your help.
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        ok i fixed the starfish code and changed the invinciblity added a few others tested out the __ worth codes work just fine on BGB i think it's your emulator causing the issues there

        RIP MOM 6-27-52 - 12-25-10


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          I had tested out the new codes you have provided using both VBA and BGB for a bit, and they all seem to work just fine.

          Thank you for all your help!
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