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[PSX][Spyro Year of the Dragon US 1.1] Superfly anywhere code! (Alpha)

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  • [PSX][Spyro Year of the Dragon US 1.1] Superfly anywhere code! (Alpha)

    [PSX][Spyro Year of the Dragon US 1.1][Gameshark Version 2.1]

    Unfortunately, in Spyro Year of the Dragon, attempting to use the superfly power up outside of areas where it is used in crashes the game... And it sucks! The address for the superfly powerup timer is 0705C5, you write to it, you get super fly!

    By freezing values in the mainRAM address range 0705F5-070600, using superfly actually doesn't crash the game! In the Main area of Cloud Spires, applying the code below will allow you to fly anywhere in at least the main area (except these freeze Spyro's animations, so he'll look really goofy when you use them!)! I haven't tested these in other areas except in Sunny Villa, which unfortunately makes Spyro suspended in mid-air... But it doesn't crash!

    The codes so far:
    800705C4 01CC
    300705F5 0021 or 00BB (00BB seems to work well!)
    300705F6 0021
    300705FD 0021
    300705FF 0021
    30070600 0060

    Anyways, I'm going to leave this off here for now, anyone who is interested in flying in any level in Spyro Year of the Dragon can add to this project or take over if they so desire!
    Note that I have Gameshark 2.1, and for some reason, D0 code types will not work with this game (Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped also fails to use D0 codes as well), while they work with other ones! Just wanted to mention that!

    Happy hacking!

    Master of Fire & Ice!