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  • Retrofreak TurboGrafx cheats

    I have figured out that the Retrofreak uses Mednafen cheats for the Turbografx\PCE . I have been playing around with it ,and so far most of the codes i have added to the retrofreak cheat database seem to work. Alien crush and Aoi Blink[eng} have been unable to work no matter what i have tried .
    im not sure why i cannot get some games to work and some that will , so i will leave an example of a code structure im using to move them into the cheat database ,but its a lot of code to change over into an .xml file . so was wondering if anyone had a way i could get the sites database cheats files converted quickly into one large file i could edit ,rather than copy paste each page from the sites pages..

    <game title="Aero Blasters">
    <version CRC="B03E0B32" codeCount="7" title="(USA)">
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="Infinite Lives">1f1bd1:02</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="Invincibility">1f0584:01</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="Unlimited Credits">1f0000:09</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="P1 Unlimited Lives">1f1bd1:09</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="P1 Invincible">1f0584:01</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="P2 Unlimited Lives">1f1bd2:09</cheat>
    <cheat format="Raw" hacker="Cyber" name="P2 Invincible">1f0585:01</cheat>
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