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[Request] Mega Man V GB Game Genie Conversion

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  • [Request] Mega Man V GB Game Genie Conversion

    I tried doing this myself and cannot figure out how to convert GameShark to Game Genie for Game Boy.


    Should make the Mega Arm max speed up. It’s annoying to die over and over again for this to happen. Figured I could make a Game Genie code so I could use a program like Game Genie Guy! to hard patch it on to the game for things like SD2SNES Super Game Boy 2 usage. There’s no way to hard patch a Game Shark code with the program. Tried to use BGB for debugging but could not figure it out.

    Mega Man IV works like this too. Except the code has to be 010133DF. There’s only one boost the buster gets unlike V. This is not listed on the database.

    Thank you.
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