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Request : 3DO games

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  • Request : 3DO games

    I'm really interested in someone to try to successfully be able to Patch Cheat Codes directly into 3DO games

    I have never seen a 3DO game , were the cheat codes are patched

    I really hope someone will

    i would love cheats for

    Corpse Killer ( Infinite Health , , Infinite D bullets , Infinte Lives )

    Supreme Warriors (infinity health , infinity Stemina )

    Alone In The Dark ( Infinite Health , Infinite bullets )

    Mad Dog 1 & 2 , Crime patrol , Drug Wars ,space pirates , who shot Johnny rock ( Infinity lives )

    out of this world ( infinite Health , infinite bullets )

    Killing time ( infinite Health , lives , Anmo )

    Wolfenstein 3D ( infinite Health , Ammo )

    It would be very nice to see these games have patched cheats directly into them

    hope this can inspire someone to try create this and make this happen