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Request Codes for Pc Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 Game

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  • Request Codes for Pc Engine / Turbo Grafx 16 Game

    Hi Everyone

    Im Wondering if Any of you guys , could help me

    i really would love some game genie codes for a rare game for the pc engine or turbo grafx 16

    here is the game

    request codes for

    infinte health

    infinte lives

    infinte time

    thank you all in advance

    (PS i dont know how to put in codes in pc engine games , i know there is raw and physcal but hope you could help with that as well , Thank you)

    UPDATE: i did find it here , my mistake

    but my question is how or where do i input these codes ?

    hope someone will help , thank you
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    Use mednafen as emulator and for cheats read the following link:

    Use raw addresses, not physical addresses, with mednafen.
    Learning how to hack real life