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  • Donkey Kong 64 (U) Gameshark code requests

    Okay, I am playing Donkey Kong 64 on a Nintendo 64 emulator, and I think I'm gonna make requests as I go along, so here we go.

    Firstly, I need a code where you never lose coins in a mini-game. For example, the Mine Cart mini-game has you picking up 50 coins while getting to the goal. I distinctly remember there being more mini-games like this later in the game. Anyway, could someone make a code that will either make it so you don't lose coins or have max coins? Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Mine Cart mini-game is in Jungle Japes. Another example, and possibly the most egregious one, is the Scarab Slide mini-game in Angry Aztec where you have to have 50 coins while passing the finish line AND be in first place!!! And I remember there is another Scarab Slide in Crystal Caves as well!!! I simply can't stress enough how stressful these mini-games are, so can anyone help me???

    UPDATE #2: Another example is the boat race mini-game in Gloomy Galleon
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    In addition to what I requested above, can anyone make a couple of codes that would affect the timer and affect the tally meter in every bonus stage? Like, for example, in the Minecart Mayhem mini-game (NOT the same one I mentioned above) you have to survive until the time runs out. I'd like a code that moves the time to some point near zero. Also, in Peril Path Panic, where you have to save banana fairies by shooting melons into the mouths of Klaptraps, I'd like a code where you only have to save 1 fairy. Be it through a button combination or whatever I will accept anything. Thanks!


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      Okay, last time I will request a code here.

      I have lost all hope and patience with the Beaver Bother mini-game. If a code for stopping the timer/lowering the tally meter can't be made, can someone make a code where the beavers gravitate or gather in the middle of the room, so they can be easier to put in the bleeping hole?!

      I am sorry to make a lot of requests for one game, but DK64 is so expansive and it's been so long since I last played it, I had forgotten about all the things that frustrated me. Please help me and thank you.


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        How time consuming is it to get to these mini games?
        The Code Hut:


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          Originally posted by Tony H View Post
          How time consuming is it to get to these mini games?
          I suppose it depends on how many Gold Bananas you get to access each stage, as you only need so many for each one. If you make a code for the coins for Diddy's mine cart in Jungle Japes, I can see if it works on the Scarab Slide/Boat Race as well. Same with a potential Bonus Round Time Freeze/Advance code, make it for one bonus round, I can see if it works on them all. That way you wouldn't have to probably play through the whole game.


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            I'm sorry but none of these have the codes I'm looking for. Thanks anyway!