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[Request] SNES - War 2410

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  • [Request] SNES - War 2410

    Wow, its been a long time since Ive been on here. Glad to see it still so active.
    I finished all NES and FC games, now moving onto 16 bit libraries.

    For SNES War 2410 there a code for Infinite Energy that works with every military unit controlled by player 1.

    Based on that, I assumed there could be a code to 1 hit kill every military unit controlled by the CPU.

    This code works and kills enemies with one hit but it glitches the game.
    When I end my turn, the CPU takes control of the cursor and it flies all the way to the right of the screen.

    Ive tried different emulators, Ive turned the code off after my turn. Even after deleting the code and restarting the save state, the cursor still glitches.

    Can someone please rework my code or find a better one so I dont have to spend more tedious hours with this game?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work.