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gameshark cdx version 3.3, gameshark hardware not found.

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  • gameshark cdx version 3.3, gameshark hardware not found.

    My ps1 gameshark stopped working today.
    The screen reads gameshark hardware not found, when inserting the gameshark card sometimes it shows gameshark found and then diappears.
    Before this i had to wiggle the card to get it to work.
    Since then i cleaned the contarcts on the card and the station.
    Is this memory card bad, i cannot see any content on the card with the playstation menu.
    Is there a key sequence to reinialize the card wihtout losing the codes on it.
    Has anybody been able to fix a gameshark card, any info would be appreciated.
    Do i have to buy another gameshark cdx version 3.3 used to fix this problem.

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    i have had to deal with this recently, there is a way to reformat it, but youll have to google it because i dont remember how i fixed it.


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      Thank you hexx, i will google it, hopefully i can still use the card.
      Thanks again.