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Request : CD-I Codes

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  • Request : CD-I Codes

    Hi Everyone

    I Have Always Wondered And Thought About

    " CD-I Games "

    Could CD-I Games Be Hacked or Patched With Traners or Cheat Codes ?

    If There Is A Forum Of Place Online that has Search and Replace Hex Addresses For Games ?

    If Any Hacker Is Interested , In My Request

    I Would Like To Request 2 CD-I Games If They Could Find Cheats for

    "Hotel Mario "

    - Invincibility

    - Stop Timer

    "Escape From Cyber City"

    - Infinite Health

    - Infinite lives/Continues

    - Infinite Ammo

    I Requested These 2 Games Due To I Have Never Completed Them And These 2 Games Are Really Fun

    (I Have an Original CD-I Console, I hope These codes could be compatible with Original Hardware)

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    There are no CD-i emulators with a cheat search option, and even if you use Cheat Engine to find a cheat, next time you boot the emulator the cheats will not work.


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      Interesting , I have no Knowledge on the Subject

      but there has to be a way to maby Patch a Code directly to the Image

      well like i mentioned I'm not sure , but it would be nice to find out ,

      it is an obscure console and most people don't either have interest or have the original working hardware , so it is a long shot , but i tried since I was able to obtain a working console last year

      if anyone else has any answers/input regarding the subject , I still have open ears on the matter
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