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[Request] FF7, halve EXP & double AP end-of-battle gains.

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  • [Request] FF7, halve EXP & double AP end-of-battle gains.

    I'm looking for codes that put a multiplier or percentage effect onto the end-of-battle EXP and AP rewards. I wanted to do a sort of forced challenge mode here all of my EXP battle gains are halved or thirded. Then use a double or triple AP code to help offset the compounding challenge.

    All the existing EXP and AP codes are for fixed values. This won't work for the sort of run I want to do. I know there are also codes that give you items and materia that effect EXP and AP but I'm not looking to go that route either. I've been able to this to work on FF6 using the SNES PAR for I imagine there is a similar way to do it here.

    I currently have a GameShark for the PS1, but am willing to get a PS1 AR/PAR if need be.


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    do you mean get halved exp and double ap in all battle


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      Yes, from any and all battles. Whatever the natural EXP and AP allotment would have been for a battle, I want the EXP halved and the AP doubled.

      This goes for all random battles, forced battle encounters, and all boss battles.