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Pointers on PSX Gameshark codes

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  • Pointers on PSX Gameshark codes

    How to make pointers work on PSX Gameshark codes? I read "The secrets of professional GameShark hacking" but in PSX code types there's only simple if-then. I found a pointer in Twisted Metal 4 on emulator (Retroarch), a pointer with static base address (8005a3dc), but I don't know how to convert this pointer to PSX Gameshark code. I want to read the address inside 8005a3dc and use an offset.

    Retroarch always changes addresses at each core update, forcing me to always rebuild the pointer. Even if I try the base address, 8005a3dc transforms into 6005a3dc or other value... That's why I want to use Gameshark for this.

    Example with Cheat Engine:

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    usually people hack using asm codes
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