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Supreme Warrior Sega cd 32X Version Hack , (Could Someone Help Hack it)

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  • Tony H
    Got it figured out, so putting a link here for the hack/patch...

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  • couponescc1986
    Thank you Tony for the Attempt to try to help me

    hope someone else will try to help

    still haven't found Figured out the problem

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  • Tony H
    I tried getting this game working on Kega Fusion, but the game keeps hanging when I pause and then unpause. Maybe someone else can help.

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  • Supreme Warrior Sega cd 32X Version Hack , (Could Someone Help Hack it)

    I'm a noob

    in the past, I figured out how others would hex edit codes into ISO (bin/cue) Sega CD games and search for and replace hex strings so the codes could be hard codded

    the only game I figure I don't have codes for and would truly enjoy to beat was "Supreme Warrior" I want an infinite health code so I can patch or hex edit, search & replace a string or strings could someone please try and help me figure out how can I obtain this code like i mentioned I'm not a pro and pretty noobie to understanding termonolgy on the subject but here is what I did so far

    I came across a link shared by Tony on here in a fourm ... i tried to follow the steps

    cheat engine 5.6.1 :

    i was not getting the correct results on cheat engine ... on the cheat engine search i kept finding addresses where the health meter would go down but you still would die (get beaten) ... i didnt understand why it kept giving me a wrong address

    i then saw another link in a forum on here about artmoney 8.0.7

    Artmoney 8.0.7

    i started artmoney and connected it with fusion 3.6.4 , did a search ... i found the correct area where you could freeze it and the health meter doesnt decrese and you can not get beaten... so i was happy to find a way to not die each round ... but im lost now ... because i dont know what else to do to find a hex value or whatever you do to make a patch

    so i did now was

    while having artmoney open , i then copyed the saved correct address (health) to Cheat engine 5.6.1 and was able to freeze it the same and was able to have the address in cheat engine , then i got lost .. the debugger area got me lost and i was trying to accomplish the step regarding making a rom addrsss and i could not i then need help ...

    hope someone reads this and tries to give it a look ... as im sure many or few were fustrated with this issue in the past and maby forgot or never got it working ..

    thank you to everyone in adavance