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My Sega CD codes for the Bizhawk emulator.

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    Is it possible to use these cheats in RetroArch? Its cheat engine apparently cannot find values for stuff working inside CD WORD RAM 2M although Bizhawk can and so does actual Cheat Engine.

    Is it possible to convert a cheat from its WORD 2M offset to use in RetroArch?

    For example, Mickey Mania (US), has the health counter in CD WORD RAM 2M at address 0x00046F, byte value 0x04 (max health). I'm trying to figure out a way to use it in RetroArch but am unsure if it can deal with that memory area at all.


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      Although I'm not sure, it's unlikely that RetroArch will support that type of code. One option you have, is looking for the codes you want in these two threads and then hacking the codes into the iso file with a hex editor...

      EDIT: Unfortunately, the games aren't in any particular order, so you'll have to search thru each post to see if you can find the games you want codes for.
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