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[Request] NES Pro Wrestling Invulnerability Code

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  • [Request] NES Pro Wrestling Invulnerability Code

    I was wondering if someone could hack an invulnerability or invincibility code for Pro Wrestling for NES. I tried the Infinite Health code on here and can't seem to get it to work. Am I doing it wrong? There's 4 codes listed. Do I enter them all or enter any one of them? I tried both for Game Genie and they didn't work. So could someone add a code either that's one line where you get infinite health or maybe a code where Player 1 can't be pinned? Because I've only ever been able to beat the last guy by countout. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Infinite Energy

    I enabled this code and fastforwarded the game and the enemy never tried to pin me down, so I assume this is the infinite energy cheat. It's difficult to tell since the game doesn't have a health bar.


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      Yes, I just used it using a tip I read about on another site about stacking two Game Genies and it worked. Two glitches I discovered though were that you can't play as King Slender or at least I couldn't. I got stuck at being Ranked #1, I guess because King Slender is the default champion in the game. Normally if you play as him, you end up facing Giant Panther for the title, but this doesn't seem to happen when you play the game as King Slender using this cheat code. So I reset the game and played as Starman to work around that glitch. The other glitch is that on your 6th title defense, which was Kin Korn Karn for me, he also seems to have infinite health, so you can only beat him by countout, which I did. Everyone else in the game I was able to beat by pinfall though, including The Great Puma.

      Okay edit/update. I just played through the game again and you CAN beat it still with King Slender. It just takes a little longer. And you don't get the glitch with the 6th title defense you get playing as Starman.
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