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GBA Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls

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  • GBA Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls

    Hey guys,

    Decided to play this old game on mGBA (retroarch) Nintendo Switch.
    The codes seem to work great except I typed in an item modifier code so that the first item in my item list is the masamune sword. This sword is compatible with all character classes.
    When I activate the code, the masamune shows up in my item list but will not allow me to equip it.
    When I go to the eguip submenu, it shows my other weapons but not the masamune.

    Any help greatly appreciated .

    This is the code by GameMaster0:

    820027EC 5401

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    Try this instead.

    820027EC 2802 (Item slot 1 = Masamune)
    820027EE 0063 (Item slot 1 quantity = 99)