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[Request] Tempo (32X) Master Code

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  • [Request] Tempo (32X) Master Code

    Master codes

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    Need more information. What's happening to make you think you need a master code? If you're using codes, what codes are you using? What emulator are you using (or what device)?

    EDIT: I made a couple Game Genie codes for this game, but don't remember needing a master code to use them with an emulator:
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      Just remembered this, there is a little known developer mode in the 32x where if you set the checksum value in the ROM to zero, the 32x will bypass the checksum process. This will essentially act as a master code, and will make the game boot faster.

      I think this would be the code (raw) 00018E:0000

      Edit: Credit for that info should go to Chilly Willy (he posted it a few years ago).
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