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NBA LIVE 95 (PC) Anyone here like mysteries? Then Let's Hack NBA LIVE 95 (PC)

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  • NBA LIVE 95 (PC) Anyone here like mysteries? Then Let's Hack NBA LIVE 95 (PC)

    Does anyone know what purpose these 3 "UNKNOWN" player attributes serve during gameplay, or how to determine what their purpose is? Basically, take a look at the screenshot below that I took of a program that allows me to view LIVE 95 data using a graphical representation of code from the actual PC game. Do you know a tool that would help or you have a tip for what I should look for in the code? I can already edit pretty much anything in the game, thanks to Brien N. Smith who coded an excellent PC app which he named WiNBA (released 11/19/96). As it's the original title in the NBA Live franchise, people in the NBA Live modding scene have been modding this game for about 22 years. These same 3 unknown player ratings also appear in the Sega Genesis version of NBA Live 95 and NBA Live 96. I would wager these ratings are also in the SuperNES version of Live 95 & 96 maybe even 97 & 98 as they all pretty much use the same engine for SuperNES and Sega Genesis versions.

    I spoke to Amory Wong about these 3 unknown player ratings. If you don't know who Amory Wong is, he was the Lead Programmer on the NBA Live 95 for Sega Genesis and EA used his Sega Genesis code for the PC version, which is why it's such an accurate basketball simulator compared to the SuperNES version. He didn't remember what they were for and EA's source code for Live 95 is proprietary IP. AMoryleft EA long ago so he no longer has legal access to the source code. Source code would have notations and descriptions of what the ratings were for.

    If you think you can help figure this out, reply here, PM me, or whatever. If you need a copy of the NBA LIVE95 (PC) .iso for "educational purposes" let me know. I know you need a copy to figure this out unless you already know what these 3 unknown player ratings are for, they do appear in other versions of NBA Live 95 & 96 for home consoles.

    Anthony "Spud" Webb #4 (Orlando Magic) shoving the ball down the throat of 7-footer Zan Tabak #55 (Houston Rockets)--- NBA LIVE 95 (PC)
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