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Usage of Saturn cheat codes in Pseudo Saturn Kai

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  • Usage of Saturn cheat codes in Pseudo Saturn Kai

    As indicated in the title, I would like to know if it possible to use Saturn cheat codes from the database in Pseudo Saturn Kai.
    The nuance around "possible" in my question is about the right to re-use data from into another (my) project.
    (Technically speaking, this should be in my doable range and I consequently won't bother forum members about data dump/conversion/merge/whatever help )

    What is Pseudo Saturn Kai ? This is a homemade firmware for Saturn Action Replay cartridges which allows to play games copied on CD-R and also bypasses game region restrictions. I don't like self-advertising, so if you're curious about this project, just ask your favorite search engine about Pseudo Saturn Kai, which would certainly bring you to my homepage ^^
    Support for cheat codes was added in latest release last month, and now I would like to flesh a little the the list of built-in cheat codes available.

    My goal for Pseudo Saturn Kai is simply to make more and more people appreciating Saturn games : this is not a commercial project which would make money from data.
    As some examples about Pseudo Saturn Kai integrity :
    - It is an affordable mod : Action Replay cart costs around USD35, and Pseudo Saturn Kai itself is and will always be free.
    - I did my best to make it user friendly regarding cheat codes support.
    For example, cheat codes are built-into Pseudo Saturn Kai (while Action Replay legacy firmwares were provided with empty codes list), and pushing only one button before booting a game will show cheat codes list for it.
    - I started Pseudo Saturn Kai development around 4 years ago, and still having fun with it