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    I don't know if there is a topic for this already (I searched but found none), but I was trying to find an Infinite Health code for this game. In the code list I found three of them, none of which worked. The first and third ones I tried had no effect that I noticed. The second seemed to set my health to 999 and it did not decrease...or so I thought. My health still went down, it just didn't show it going down. Is there any code for this effect that works? I am using the ZSNES Emulator to play it if that makes any difference

    If there is already a topic thread about this, post a link to it please.

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    I believe each level has a different energy address, so that's why the cheats don't work. Unless someone makes hacks a global one with assembly, it just won't be possible.


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      The Super NES version of Doom is notable for not having any built-in cheat codes. Codes for the Game Genie enhancement device can allow unintended cheats, but only when running the game on an emulator or with a Game Genie modified with pass-through pins for the Super FX chip.
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        I just added some Emulator Only codes to help you beat this game, I tested it for 4 levels and it all works.
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