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  • Sonic Jam JPN Code request Saturn

    Hello, New member here. Just joined the forum. I live in the usa. I recently cleaned up my old saturn and put a new battery in it and have been re collecting some games for it, and replaying some of my old gems like shining force III and albert Odyssey.

    I just bought an import of Sonic Jam, the JPN version($19 on ebay!). Since the us version is $50-100. to play on my US saturn model 2 with a 4 in 1 AR.

    There are some AR codes already for this game in the US and JPN versions, however There are more for the US version than the JP version.

    One in particular that I was hoping to find for the JPN Version: The "1 Blue Ball for special stage completion in Sonic 3/&Knuckles" This code is available for the US version.

    Is it possible to use the US code on the JPN version? Or could/does someone find/know the JPN version equivalent code? Any information or the JPN version of this code Would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    you can use usa codes on japanese version
    lee4 Does Not Accept Codes Requests !
    When lee4 asks a question it does not mean lee4 will look at your game
    *How to create and use SegaCD codes >click here<*


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      Originally posted by lee4 View Post
      you can use usa codes on japanese version
      Awesome thanks! I hadnt tried so good to know!