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Great Battle II Last Fighter Twin Code Request

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  • Great Battle II Last Fighter Twin Code Request

    Hey all!
    So I have this super famicom game, Great Battle II for the super famicom and I discovered recently that each of the characters of the game have their own super moves. I saw a YouTube video posted by this Japanese player showing all of the characters super moves and it blew me away. I was like, no way! I had this game for 2 years now and it's always funny and makes you feel like kind of silly when you found out how to pull off secret or special moves which you didn't know even existed. I thought at first that this game was plain... You can punch, kick, jump then kick, slide and kick, and then finally throw the bad guys. You can pick up energy capsules(?) and I had no idea for the longest time how to use them back then.
    I discovered that once you collected enough energy capsules, you can unleash your moves by adjusting the energy levels using the L and R buttons... Then press X.
    The super moves are cool! Gosh, I feel like a noob. Lol

    Anyway, since now I know how to pull of the super moves,
    I would like to ask you guys if you could find or hack the infinite super move code.
    It takes 12 energy capsules to unleash the level 3 super moves and the enemies don't always drop energy capsules after you beat them... And I would like to ask you guys for your wizardly skills to help a brother out by finding the infinite super move code. Thanks a bunch in advance!

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    Great Battle II, The: Last Fighter Twin (J) - SNES
    Always Have Special Move(Press R or L to cycle through.)
    I'm not taking any requests.

    Check out some of my hacks on Youtube.