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    I'm using a lot of good codes made by an awesome hacker on here to dissect the game and beat by each level. I beat every level up to this level using those codes. I'm wondering if there is a way that I can pass through the flames and obstacles to beat the jet level 7 in Battletoads nes. I tried an invincibility code but this game is programmed differently for each level. I just want a code to allow me to pass through obstacles just simply Breeze through to the checkpoints to Beat It. I'm just throwing this out for anyone since the other hacker has done so much thanks again.

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    If you are playing it on pc, you could map save to L3 and load to R3. I do that and I can breeze through many games without codes that way. You'd only have to do that for the one level.


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      Thanks but I'm playing this on an everdrive. I'm just looking for a codeor hack that makes Going Through the flames easier maybe wider openings ot they don't move at all or something just to make just that one level easier to get through. I prefer to have invincibility or some way to slow down the pace or just anything to bypass and beat the level


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        I'm just posting this out still haven't gotten any codes for level 7 yet that I need. I played ahead and I'm just going to ask for some codes for level 10. I would like to see a code that will stop the rat or make the level easier to beat. I'm trying to play through the whole game using different codes per level versus just a couple codes for the whole game it doesn't work that way with because of programming. I'm interested in doing this on my TV with my overdrive. If someone can create a freeze code or a way to end the level10 race i appreciate it. It could be anything from slowing the rat down completely to me speeding up or simply just falling through the floor to get to the bottom and then deactivating it h-bomb to win the race. I'm also still looking for codes to bypass obstacles in level 7 as well if anyone's interested thank you. The goal is to have working codes for each level that actually work with the appropriate level to make beating each level easier to beat the game. Thanks to all that that has helped me in the past and continue to


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          I managed to beat the game however I'm still looking for codes for level 7 Level 10 and 11 preferably invincibility or something to trick the gam. I would like a code so when I die it doent register properly from a hacked code so I can continue to move on through the level and beat it for each one. This is only a suggestion and invincibility is in the possibility and for level 10 I need something to help me blow up the bomb before the rat chases me. I have codes to get to every level in this game I've beaten them all except for these three levels and I just want to have codes so I can honestly say that this game can be beat on any level with different styles of codes.thanks again