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Introduction and PSX Super Robot Wars Alpha Project !

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  • Introduction and PSX Super Robot Wars Alpha Project !

    Hi ! I'm new and since I couldn't find anywhere to introduce myself, I'll do it here and also talk about my current project.

    I'm a 25 years old argentinian and programmer who loves videogames, specially strategy and RPG ones. I know the JAVA, JavaScript and PHP programming languages besides a few others I've had to use a little.

    Right now I'm starting to learn how to hack and translate games due to the game Super Robot Wars Alpha, which is only on Japanese and I'd love to play with at least translated mechanics, skills and menus.

    I'm aware there is, and actually have, a translated image of the game that has been done by froid_san, but since I'm not completely agreed with the translation, and I'd love to learn to make a translation myself, I'm here trying to do it.

    Right now I'm using Daemon Tools Lite, Search Relative X, Windhex, Table Manager and CDMage for the project.

    But honestly I'm having quite a problem finding strings in the files using relative search, so any help would be great. (sorry ! I'm really new, just a few days searching and reading)

    So that's it ! Hope someone helps me and I'm able to finish a little translation hack for this game !

  • #2 is the place for such help, we here mainly hack the games for use of cheats not anything besides that.
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    THE BAD GUY!!!!!!