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codebreaker-rs: A Rust library to decrypt/encrypt cheat codes for CodeBreaker PS2

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  • codebreaker-rs: A Rust library to decrypt/encrypt cheat codes for CodeBreaker PS2


    I know I haven't been here for years, but I thought it'd be worth sharing that I ported the crypto routines for CodeBreaker PS2 from C to Rust:

    (I was the one who originally reverse-engineered the v7 encryption back in 2006.)

    I mainly did it as a fun little project to learn Rust, which is a great fit for developing hacking tools.

    FWIW, I also started a Rust rewrite of cb2util that makes use of the library:

    That's all. Have a good one. ✌️

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    Hey Misfire, welcome back! I'm putting this on the main page.
    The Hackmaster


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      Today I published a blog post on the things I learned from porting the CodeBreaker routines from C to Rust:


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        Hello misfire Apologies for hijacking your post, I didn't know where else to post this, since the site said you don't receive personal messages when i tried to send this to you that way. Reverse-engineering the v7 encryption for Codebreaker and even creating an RSA patch/fix for the Day 1 code feature to add unsigned .cbc files easily to codebreaker is extremely impressive stuff man. You're one of the legends! I was just thinking...i'm not even sure how possible it would be or how much time it would take you if you even attempted it, but would it be possible to try to reverse-engineer or RSA patch Codebreaker 10 and 10.1 to add unsigned user created Day 1 .cbc files? I know that Codebreaker 10 and 10.1 allowed for a much larger code database than any of the Codebreaker 9-9.3 versions which would be ultra helpful especially for adding many more cheat files when you play ps2 games using hard drives to load them from instead of the actual discs. To my knowledge, CMX has still never released the signed encryption for the newer CB 10 and 10.1 Day 1 .cbc files.
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            Hello!! New member here, just today actually!!! I just noticed your post had Codebreaker in it so I came!! I have Codebreaker Dreamcast CDI on my GDEMU, works great ( I prefer Codebreaker over the others, but have CDI for them, just haven't tried yet ). Codebreaker is great, but didn't come with a lot for games I like, but I've found a couple online ( still looking ), but they're hard to find. My question to you is, I know you're post said Codebreaker PS2, I'm just wondering, do you also know Dreamcast ones? I've searched on this site, but to no avail. I looked in the menu at top right, and touched Sega, but it goes nowhere? If you do not do Dreamcast, could you steer me in the right direction for lots of codes? That would be greatly appreciated!! The one I'm looking for at the moment is Headhunter ( EUR, PAL, but my GDEMU is region free ). I love this game so far. I found some in a really hard to find page called Mogel Power, somewhere in the EU, cuz they are in XPloder, which is fine cuz that's Codebreaker's European cousin and they work, just a couple are strange cuz I have unlimited ammo for all weapons, had to put each one in separately, but there isn't one called unlimited weapons or all weapons? It does have unlimited life, but I didn't add that one to Codebeaker when I made one for Headhunter, that takes the fun outta the game, but having all the weapons makes it more fun, I think anyway!!! I found these, but, for some reason don't look like Codebreaker codes to me and nothing saying Codebeaker or XPloder: EXAMPLE:

            Infinite Health
            ( Which I don't use, just an example of what they all look like )

            From my little experience using Codebeaker, there's almost always a lot of ZERO'S? Now, saying that,bi noticed the XPloader codes didn't have a lot of ZERO'S either and worked, just wanna be sure they are Codebeaker/XPloder. So, any idea if maybe they are XPloder?

            Thanks for reading my novelette, appreciate any and all help/advice you can graciously pass along!!!


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              Hello again!! I just saw another person's post apologizing about contacting you, I am very new ( an hour ) and did not know this was a thing! Sorry Very Much!! . Can you tell me how to steer to the proper place for this question? I saved what I wrote in my ColorNote app.
              Again, Very, Very, Very SORRY!!!