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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters [US] PSP

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  • Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters [US] PSP

    Here's all of the codes I made for this game...

    _S UCUS-98633
    _G Ratchet and Clank Size Matters [US]

    _C0 Max Bolts
    _L 0x200C2728 0x0098967F

    _C0 Challenge Mode Bolt Multiplier (x231)
    _L 0x000C141E 0x000000E7

    Planet: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

    _C0 Infinite Health Ratchet (needs to be disabled when changing levels)
    _L 0x20C73BA4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C73BA8 0x42960000 (fixed for 75 health, the second line is only to change your max to 75 to fix the bar. No more float conversions required.)

    _C0 Unlock All Weapons - Pokitaru
    _L 0x00BE6818 0x00000001
    _L 0x00BE6830 0x00000001
    _L 0x40BE68C8 0x00090016
    _L 0x00000001 0x00000000
    _L 0x00BE6C38 0x00000001

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Pokitaru
    _L 0x00BE67AC 0x00000078
    _L 0x10BE6AC4 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BE6C24 0x00000032
    _L 0x00BE6964 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BE6A14 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BE69BC 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BE6804 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BE685C 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BE68B4 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BE6A6C 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BE690C 0x0000000C

    Planet: Vetega Jungle, Ryllus

    _C0 Inf Health Ryllus
    _L 0x20C8C8A4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C8C8A8 0x42960000

    _C0 Unlock All Gadgets - Ryllus
    _L 0x40BFD868 0x00050016
    _L 0x00000001 0x00000000
    _L 0x00BFDA79 0x00000001
    _L 0x00BFDAD0 0x00000001

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Ryllus
    _L 0x00BFD32C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BFD7A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BFD644 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BFD4E4 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BFD53C 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BFD594 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BFD384 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BFD3DC 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BFD434 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BFD5EC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BFD48C 0x0000000C

    Planet: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

    _C0 Inf Health - Kalidon
    _L 0x20C89C64 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C89C68 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Boost Skyboard Challenge1
    _L 0x20C0A8C8 0x44160000

    _C0 R+L to Win skyboard1
    _L 0xD0000000 0x10000300
    _L 0x0132F8C0 0x00000003

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Kalidon
    _L 0x00BFAD2C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BFB1A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BFB044 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BFAEE4 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BFAF3C 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BFAF94 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BFAD84 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BFADDC 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BFAE34 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BFAFEC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BFAE8C 0x0000000C

    Planet: Junkyard LXIV, Metallis

    _C0 Inf Health - Metallis
    _L 0x20C87A24 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C87A28 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Health/Missiles Giant Clank (also works on Challax Giant Clank)
    _L 0x20D33B84 0x42C80000
    _L 0x00D33D54 0x00000015

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Metallis
    _L 0x00BF92AC 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BF9724 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BF95C4 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BF9464 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BF94BC 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BF9514 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BF940C 0x0000000C
    _L 0x00BF956C 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BF93B4 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BF9304 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BF935C 0x00000008

    Planet: Dreamtime

    _C0 Inf Health - Dreamtime
    _L 0x20C69C64 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C69C68 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Dreamtime
    _L 0x00BD3DAC 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BD4224 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BD40C4 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BD3F64 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BD3FBC 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BD4014 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD3E5C 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD3E04 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BD3EB4 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BD406C 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BD3F0C 0x0000000C

    Planet: Surgical Facility, Medical Outpost Omega

    _C0 Inf Health - Outpost Omega
    _L 0x20C61DA4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C61DA8 0x42960000

    _C0 Infinite Time Outpost Omega
    _L 0x20F95050 0x4375FF00

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Outpost Omega
    _L 0x00BD64AC 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BD6924 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BD67C4 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BD6664 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BD66BC 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BD6714 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD6504 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BD655C 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD65B4 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BD676C 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BD660C 0x0000000C

    Second Set of Skyboard Challenges

    _C0 Infinite Boost Skyboard2
    _L 0x20C72E08 0x44160000

    _C0 R+L to Win skyboard2
    _L 0xD0000000 0x10000300
    _L 0x01442A0C 0x00000003

    Planet: Technobot City, Challax

    _C0 Inf Health - Challax
    _L 0x20C846A4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C846A8 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Challax
    _L 0x00BF612C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BF65A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BF6444 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BF62E4 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BF6184 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BF61DC 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BF6234 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BF63EC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BF628C 0x0000000C
    _L 0x00BF6394 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BF633C 0x00000018

    Planet: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

    _C0 Inf Health Ratch/Clank Dayni Moon
    _L 0x20CB9364 0x42960000
    _L 0x20CB9368 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Dayni Moon
    _L 0x00C2502C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00C254A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10C25344 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00C251E4 0x00000005
    _L 0x00C25084 0x00000019
    _L 0x00C250DC 0x00000008
    _L 0x00C25134 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00C252EC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00C2518C 0x0000000C
    _L 0x00C25294 0x00000008
    _L 0x00C2523C 0x00000018

    Planet: Inside Clank

    _C0 Inf Health - Inside Clank
    _L 0x20C5C5E4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C5C5E8 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Inside Clank
    _L 0x00BD0D2C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BD11A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BD1044 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BD0D84 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BD0DDC 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD0E34 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BD0FEC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BD0E8C 0x0000000C
    _L 0x00BD0F94 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BD0F3C 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BD0EE4 0x00000005

    Planet: Quodrona

    _C0 Inf Health - Quadrona
    _L 0x20C7B3E4 0x42960000
    _L 0x20C7B3E8 0x42960000

    _C0 Inf Ammo - Quadrona
    _L 0x00BEE02C 0x00000078
    _L 0x00BEE4A4 0x00000032
    _L 0x10BEE344 0x0000012C
    _L 0x00BEE1E4 0x00000005
    _L 0x00BEE23C 0x00000018
    _L 0x00BEE294 0x00000008
    _L 0x00BEE18C 0x0000000C
    _L 0x00BEE2EC 0x0000005A
    _L 0x00BEE134 0x0000000A
    _L 0x00BEE084 0x00000019
    _L 0x00BEE0DC 0x00000008
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    Cool. Raw hex, for CWCheat, I take it?
    I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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      Yes, these are in CWCheat format.
      Missing LiquidManZero since 1685.


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        Added (PSP section now open for business, heh).
        I may be lazy, but I can...zzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ...


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          its good to see another psp hacker on here.
          Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

          THE BAD GUY!!!!!!


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            Originally posted by bfoos View Post
            Yes, these are in CWCheat format.
            Great Post
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              Issue with codes

              The skyboard and Giant clank codes don't work no matter what format I enable them in, they seem broken.