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How do you use 3ds AR/GS cheat codes?

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  • How do you use 3ds AR/GS cheat codes?

    And is there a link here on creating the codes?
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    Sorry for late reply, but theres 4 method that you can use to cheat in 3ds, the method is:

    1. Using GATEWAY CARD this method that i used to created some cheat for 3DSthis card can search pointer too, maybe i call this card is reccomend for MUST HAVE CARD!
    2. Using Sky 3DS CARD, this one i never try it because i never buy this card... maybe never.
    3. Using NTR Plugins Cheats this like "PC TRAINER Cheat' just only download them from a few site then running NTR Plugins and i think this one is like an a CFW to me than just a plugins.
    4. Sharkive, this one is like GATEWAY SOLUTION for who dont want to buy GATEWAY CARD, i never try this one too and i dont know how it use either but i heard this one only just for LUMA LATEST VERSION CFW.

    Thats the 4 method that you can use for 3DS and if you just only search for aplication then go for NTR PLUGINS, but you never make or search cheat with that or you can buy the 1st card that i reccomend and you can use my codes that i created or the other gateshark codes.