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  • (Request) Family Guy (US)

    I know there are Codes for the PS2 Version of these, but only a 999 Power-Up for Stewie (but does not work correctly on my PSP for some reason).
    Codes Requesting:
    Stewie -
    Inf Health (Tried Searching myself, but the Codes I find (3F800000) work for the Gauge only. Can still Die eventually)

    Peter -
    Inf Health
    Inf Moves

    Brian -
    Always Invisible
    Always Low Impulse

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    Yeah, seriously need help figuring this out. I tried to find the Code for Inf Health-Stewie myself, I got the Code for the Health Bar Indicator ONLY. I Turn On the Code, the Bar is Full. I get hit a cpl times, then I turn Off the Code a little later, and it shows the Damage I took. Not to mention, it occasionally Fluctuates between the Code Level and the Actual Level. So yeah, just found the Health Progress Bar Pointer only.