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(Request) Hacking old PopCap games

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  • (Request) Hacking old PopCap games

    There are a billion different ways to hack Insaniquarium, or Plants vs Zombies. But what about the obscure ones? Games like Atomica, or Mummy Maze. They usually have no trainers, or the trainers they do have are obsolete. And good luck finding anything about them on Cheat Engine forums.
    Mostly, I'm interested in hacking Atomica Deluxe. I downloaded a trainer for it with options to instantly get an atomic bomb, end the level with just one combination, or make all biohazards into regular atoms (It didn't work, obviously). But failing that, I guess I'd also like some kind of invincibility hack for Mummy Maze, or a infinite lives hack for Seven Seas Deluxe.
    I'm not quite sure if this is even the right place to post this, but there didn't seem to be a specific hacking request forum here, so...

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    I used TSearch to hack Chainz. You won't get any support here if the games can be played online, though, only single player games.
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