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Samsung S10 Fingerprint Scanner Can Be Hacked

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  • Samsung S10 Fingerprint Scanner Can Be Hacked

    n the "Captain Marvel" movie, a younger Nick Fury and Captain Marvel escape a fingerprint scanner-locked room by using duct tape to successfully fake a fingerprint scan. Apparently, this is also possible with the Samsung S10ís fingerprint scanner feature. Hereís what we know about this.

    According to Forbes, both Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ units can be hacked using the owner's fingerprint even without the actual person. To do this, the hacker only needs a copy of the owner's fingerprint, similar to Nick Fury's duct tape trick, such as a 3D-printed fingerprint.

    This was confirmed by security researchers trying out the Samsung S10ís security system. Technically, fooling the device isnít possible as it'll only react to the ownerís fingerprint. However, making a complete copy of the owner's fingerprint works too as the security researchers were able to unlock the device repeatedly with the fingerprint copy.

    The risk in this hacking bypass is that thieves can easily access a stolen Samsung S10ís contents. Since it needs a fingerprint, the phone is literally filled with it as the owner actively uses the device with their hands. All it needs is just some 3D printing or a similar tactic, and the phone will be unlocked.
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