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    First I want to say I am extremely sorry for not knowing where to post but the help desk was one of the first categories I seen, so moderator please feel free to move this at your discretion I really do hate to make your job hard.

    Alright let's get to the main topic, I was just wondering if anyone knows the "Champions Online" gold membership subscription hack, some guy currently did it for me which I don't have a problem with but when it comes to hacking I'd like to renew my subscription on my own time not someone else's for "free". He constantly threatens and remind me that he could report me and get me banned whenever he pleases and I can only deal with a person like that for so long. Please someone tell me the secret of the hack so I can be my own man?

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    Read the forum rules then come back here and read your query again.
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    THE BAD GUY!!!!!!