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  • Random SNES Game Genie Codes

    How would you like to handle it? It's a 29K .txt file.


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    Random SNES Game Genie Codes

    post it here or send it thru email,you can chat with me on aim and pass ot on to me.
    Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

    THE BAD GUY!!!!!!


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      Random SNES Game Genie Codes

      Looks like I'll (we'll) be busy updating the site for a while. Let's see the codes Hackwiz.


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        Random SNES Game Genie Codes

        I sent them to Helder in E-mail, but because my email service stinks, I'll post them here also.

        Addams Family Values*
        Adventures of Yogi Bear
        Aero Fighters
        Air Cavalry
        Air Strike Patrol
        Alfred Chicken
        An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
        Ardy Lightfoot
        Arkanoid Doh It Again*
        Art of Fighting
        Barbie Super Model
        Biker Mice From Mars*
        Bio Metal*
        Brahm Stoker's Dracula*
        Brawl Brothers
        Castlevania Dracula X*
        Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
        Choplifter III
        Chuck Rock
        Cliff Hanger*
        Contra 3: The Alien Wars
        Contra Spirits (Japanese)
        Demons Crest*
        Dennis the Menace
        Dezaemon (Japanese)*
        Digital Devil Story (Japanese)
        Dragon View
        Fire Fighting (Japanese)*
        Front Mission (Japanese)*
        Ghost Chaser Densei (Japanese)
        Ignition Factor
        Kid Klown in Crazy Chase
        King Arthur & the Knights of Justice
        King of the Dragons
        Lupin the 3rd - Densetu no Hihou (Japanese)
        Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow*
        Metal Morph*
        Parodius da! (Japanese)*
        Pop N' Twinbee (Japanese)*
        Pugsley?s Scavenger Hunt*
        R-Type III "The Third Lightning"
        Ren & Stimpy Show, Veediots
        Rocky Rodent*
        Shien's Revenge*
        Simcity 2000*
        Space Invaders*
        Speedy Gonzales*
        Super Bases Loaded 3*
        Super Castlevania IV*
        Super Ghouls and Ghosts*
        Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario 2*
        Super Mario World*
        Super Mario World 2: Yoshi?s Island *
        Tecmo Super Bowl 3
        The Adventures of Dr. Franken*
        The Adventures of Kid Kleets
        The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
        The Blues Brothers
        The Flintstones- Treasure Of Sierra Madrock
        The Jetsons
        The Lawnmower Man *
        Time Slip*
        Top Gear 3000*
        Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
        Virtual Bart*
        Weapon Lord*
        William's Arcade:Atari Collection 1
        Williams Arcade Classics
        Wolf Child*
        X Kalibur 2097*

        CC62-DF6B Start With 86 Lives In Action Sequences
        EC85-6D68 Start With 250 Spell Points In RPG Sequences
        DD68-6D6D Infinite Lives
        DD67-D7AD Unlock Professional Mode
        C9BD-6467 Infinite MP
        CEA5-6DA3 Infinite Spell Points

        69C4-AF6C Have Magic Spell & 24 MP in Professional Mode (note)

        (note) ##
        DF - Fireball
        D4 - Star Rain
        D7 - Energy Balls
        D0 - Light

        Addams Family Values
        FFBD-C767 Invincible From Enemies
        3C8F-C40D Invincible From Everything (note 1)
        DD24-3D0F Infinite Small Rocks (note 2)
        DD2C-C7AF Infinite Blue Marbles (note 2)
        DD22-CF0F Infinite Magic Seeds (note 2)
        DD2E-C4AF Infinite Swamp Slime (note 2)
        FA62-3F0D Start new game with full skull meter
        EE6C-320D Start A New Game With All Items In Inventory (note 3)
        8E2A-1D6D Infinite Cookies

        (note 1) This code gives you protection from enemies, spikes and items you
        collect that deplete health when you use them.
        (note 2) Once you collect the item.
        (note 3) Use this code with the passwords you receive from then on, or some items will be
        missing. When you continue a game with a password, all the weapon meters will be half filled.

        Adventures of Yogi Bear
        C2CD-1404 Infinite Health
        C269-47DD Infinite Lives

        Aero Fighters
        8229-37A0 Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        8229-37D0 Don't Lose Power-ups When You Die P1 & P2
        8237-47A1 Inf. Bombs "American F-18" P1
        8237-47A9 Inf. Bombs "Japanese FSX" P1
        8237-1D09 Inf. Bombs "Swedish AJ-37" P1
        8237-17A9 Inf. Bombs "British AV-8" P1
        823E-3D60 Inf. Bombs "American F-15" P2
        823A-4D09 Inf. Bombs "Japanese F-15" P2
        8239-1FD9 Inf. Bombs "Swedish JAS-39" P2
        823D-C769 Inf. Bombs "British IDS" P2

        Air Cavalry
        3DE8-AD64 Infinite Lives
        82B7-D7A7 Infinite 7.62 mm Rounds

        89E1-D7D4 Infinite 2.75 Rockets

        Air Strike Patrol
        C2B1-3765 Infinite Fuel
        C237-CFA1 Infinite Flares
        C2B8-4DA9 Inf. Missles F15 Strike Eagle
        C2B7-C4D9 Inf. Missles A10 Thunderbolt II

        C22A-CD01 No Damage From Enemy Fire

        Alfred Chicken
        C2C4-4DA5 Infinite Time
        C2BC-3FD5 Infinite Lives
        C2C3-4D09 Infinite Balloons

        An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
        3CC4-A4DF Infinite Time
        C2C5-6FDF Infinite Lives

        Ardy Lightfoot
        C268-CF0D Infinite Lives

        Arkanoid Doh It Again
        C2B8-1704 Inf. lives player 1 (This code was created by Parasyte)
        C2C7-470D Inf. lives player 2
        D062-14D5 "S" capsule gives you the Laser paddle
        D762-14D5 "S" capsule gives you the Longest paddle
        C2BD-3F60 Force field lasts until the end of level (player 1)
        DD66-CFA5 Keep current paddle when you get force field
        336C-CDA9 Player 2 starts every level and life with a force field (note)

        (note) Force field can only take one hit.

        Art of Fighting
        C235-5DA4 Infinite Time

        CB7C-7DAD Play As Any Character In 1P Story Mode (note)

        (note) ##
        D4- Todo
        D7- Jack
        D0- Lee
        D9- King
        D1- Micky
        D5- John
        D6- Mr. Big
        DB- ?

        8285-AF07 Don't Lose Weapon When Hit By Enemy

        Barbie Super Model
        C229-DF07 Infinite Chances

        C285-D4AB Infinite Continues

        Biker Mice From Mars
        3CB8-4F63 Infinite Ammo
        82BF-CDA3 Infinite Special Item (note 1)
        82B8-C76D Infinite Shields/Armor

        3CAD-37A2 Infinite laps (note 2)

        (note 1) To get a different item, turn off the Game Genie, and use the current item
        before you cross the finish line. Turn on the Game Genie again.
        (note 2) To change tracks, turn off the Game Genie, finish the current race. Turn on again
        before you go to the next track.

        Bio Metal
        C26E-6D02 Infinite Lives
        C262-0D62 Infinite Charge

        89C6-1FD4 Infinite Items (note)

        (note) Leave the Game Genie off until you pick up the first item. Turn the Game Genie on for
        infinite items. Turn it off before you pick up the next item. Repeat often...

        89C4-1DDF Infinite Health
        C9AB-CFDD Infinite Bombs
        C963-CD0F Infinite Lives
        C98C-CD0F Infinite Dash

        Brahm Stoker's Dracula
        C92B-A4DA Infinite Pistol Ammo
        C926-64AA Infinite Shotgun Ammo
        C268-ADBF Infinite Lives

        ##63-DD2F Start with 2nd Weapon/99 Rounds (note 1)

        ##EC-0F03 Stage Select (note 2)

        (note 1) ##
        DF - Stakes
        D7 - Pistol
        D4 - Dynamite
        D1 - Shotgun
        (note 2) ##
        D4 - The Journey to Castle Dracula Part 2
        D7 - The Journey to Castle Dracula Part 3
        D0 - Harker's Escape from the Castle
        D9 - Harker's Escape from the Castle Part 2
        D1 - Journey to Civilization
        D5 - Journey to Civilization Part 2
        D6 - Journey to Civilization Part 3
        DB - Journey to Civilization Part 4
        DC - Hillingham Estate
        D8 - Hillingham Estate Part 2
        DA - Hillingham Estate Part 3
        D2 - The Trail to Carffax Abbey
        D3 - The Trail to Carffax Abbey Part 2
        DE - The Trail to Carffax Abbey Part 3
        FD - The Final Battle

        C262-0DD4 Infinite Time
        DBCC-6F6D Start With and Always Have 9 Jokers
        C262-67AF Infinite Continues
        ##63-AF6D Start on Level (note)

        (note) ##
        FC - Level 25
        77 - Level 50
        0A - Level 75
        19 - Level 100

        Brandish (see note below)
        FD53-A3D7 Have Over 10,000,000 Gold
        ##56-AAD7 Active Shield Modifier
        ##56-AA67 Active Armor Modifier

        ##56-A2D7 Active Sword Modifier With Infinite Swings

        Main Inventory - Slot Modifiers With Infinite Amounts
        ##56-A267 Slot 1

        ##56-A3D7 Slot 2

        ##56-A367 Slot 3

        ##56-AED7 Slot 4

        ##56-AE67 Slot 5

        ##5B-AAD7 Slot 6

        ##5B-AA67 Slot 7

        ##5B-A2D7 Slot 8

        ##5B-A267 Slot 9

        ##5B-A3D7 Slot 10

        ##5B-A367 Slot 11

        ##5B-AED7 Slot 12

        Dimensional Box A - Slot Modifiers With Infinite Amounts
        ##5B-AE67 Slot 1

        ##5C-AAD7 Slot 2

        ##5C-AA67 Slot 3

        ##5C-A2D7 Slot 4

        ##5C-A267 Slot 5

        ##5C-A3D7 Slot 6

        ##5C-A367 Slot 7

        ##5C-AED7 Slot 8

        ##5C-AE67 Slot 9

        ##58-AAD7 Slot 10

        ##58-AA67 Slot 11

        ##58-A2D7 Slot 12

        Dimensional Box B - Slot Modifiers With Infinite Amounts
        ##58-A267 Slot 1

        ##58-A3D7 Slot 2

        ##58-A367 Slot 3

        ##58-AED7 Slot 4

        ##58-AE67 Slot 5

        ##5A-AAD7 Slot 6

        ##5A-AA67 Slot 7

        ##5A-A2D7 Slot 8

        ##5A-A267 Slot 9

        ##5A-A3D7 Slot 10

        ##5A-A367 Slot 11

        ##5A-AED7 Slot 12

        Dimensional Box C - Slot Modifiers With Infinite Amounts
        ##5A-AE67 Slot 1

        ##52-AAD7 Slot 2

        ##52-AA67 Slot 3

        ##52-A2D7 Slot 4

        ##52-A267 Slot 5

        ##52-A3D7 Slot 6

        ##52-A367 Slot 7

        ##52-AED7 Slot 8

        ##52-AE67 Slot 9

        ##53-AAD7 Slot 10

        ##53-AA67 Slot 11

        ##53-A2D7 Slot 12

        (note) ##
        DD - SHORT SWORD
        DF - RAPIER
        D4 - SABER
        D7 - FALCHION
        D9 - SWORD OF FLAMES
        D6 - BROKEN SWORD
        DC - CHAIN MAIL
        D8 - SCALE MAIL
        DA - RAMELA
        D2 - PLATE MAIL
        D3 - ARMOR OF FLAMES
        FD - SOL ARMOR
        F7 - SMALL SHIELD
        F0 - SHIPAL
        F9 - LARGE SHIELD
        F1 - TARGET SHIELD
        FB - STAR SHIELD
        F8 - H. POTION
        FA - M.POTION
        F2 - H.POISON
        F3 - M.POISON
        4F - FIRE MAGIC
        44 - FREEZE MAGIC
        47 - THUNDER MAGIC
        40 - HEAL MAGIC
        49 - BARRIER MAGIC
        41 - WARP MAGIC
        45 - QUAKE MAGIC
        46 - STOP MAGIC
        4B - DOUBLE MAGIC
        4C - RING OF FIRE
        48 - RING OF ICE
        4A - RING OF ANGER
        43 - RING OF LIFE
        7D - STEEL BALLS
        7F - GOLD BAR
        77 - PLANET BLASTER
        70 - GOLD ARM BAND
        79 - DIMENSIONAL BOX A
        71 - DIMENSIONAL BOX B
        75 - DIMENSIONAL BOX C
        76 - MASTER KEYS
        7B - SKULL KEY
        7C - SAPPHIRE KEY
        78 - GOLD KEY
        7A - BLUE KEY
        72 - BERIMYA KEY
        73 - GREEN KEY
        7E - DRAGON KEY
        0D - TWISTED KEY
        0F - BONE KEY
        04 - ALTET KEY
        07 - YELLOW KEY
        00 - AMBER KEY
        09 - CRESCENT KEY
        01 - EBONY KEY
        05 - GOGOND KEY
        06 - RUBY KEY
        0B - GARNET KEY
        0C - EMERALD KEY
        08 - AMETHYST KEY
        0A - ELMEF KEY

        ***These codes are for altering the first saved game only. DO NOT turn the
        codes on until you reach the screen that asks, "What game would you like to load"?
        Turn on the codes then pick your saved game. As soon as the game starts, turn off
        the codes THEN save. You don't need to enter the codes again. Failure to do this exactly
        as explained, can result in your game being erased. Use at your own risk!!!

        Brawl Brothers
        C9A6-17BD Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        BAA1-1D0F Play "Rushing Beat Ran"
        DC6C-3F95 Play as Dieter P1 (note 1)

        6268-A70D Start In Forest/Gym Area

        6268-A70D Start In (note 2)

        (note 1) Pick "Kazan" on the Character Select Screen

        (note 2) ##
        D0 - Training Field/Lift/Air Terminal/Roofs/Airshed Area
        D1 - Adler Area (On Plane)

        Castlevania Dracula X
        EB87-C7BD Super Jump
        E687-C7BD Super-Duper Jump
        E587-C7BD Mega Jump (note)
        DF85-1D6F Start With 2 Lives And The Axe
        D485-1D6F Start With 3 Lives And The Boomerang
        D785-1D6F Start With 4 Lives And The Holy Water
        D085-1D6F Start With 5 Lives And The Dagger
        D985-1D6F Start With 6 Lives And The Stop Watch
        D185-1D6F Start With 7 Lives And "The Key"

        (note) May get stuck in top of the screen in some areas.

        Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest
        C2B6-A40D Infinite Time
        C2B9-D70F Infinite Lives
        C285-D704 Inf. Cheetos Bags (once you collect one)
        C3C0-6467 Invincible (once you eat a bag of Cheetos)

        Choplifter III
        3C60-34D7 Infinite Secondary Weapons
        C26D-1767 Infinite Choppers

        DD67-CDA7 Have All Weapons and Inf. Ammo

        F3C7-3D53 Chopper Can Carry 30 Hostages

        Chuck Rock
        C9A1-A70D Infinite Health
        C9AB-AF0D Infinite Lives
        70C9-A7DD Jump Higher
        49C9-A7DD Super Jump
        F5C9-A7DD Mega Jump

        C216-E779 Infinite Time
        89DA-87E9 Multi-jump (Tap jump button)
        C218-8479 Infinite Lives
        C2D4-8F50 Invincibility

        Cliff Hanger
        3C8B-1D69 Infinite Lives
        336F-1D69 Start each life w/knife until first continue (note)
        DDC2-CDA5 Infinite knives to throw when you collect one (note)

        (note) Use only one of these codes

        Contra 3: The Alien Wars
        C2CA-0F04 Infinite Continues
        82BA-6FA1 Keep Main Weapon When You Die (Side-View Levels)
        82BC-646B Keep Main Weapon When You Die (Top-View Levels)
        C2C2-64DF Keep Main Weapon After Continue P1
        C2C2-64AF Keep Main Weapon After Continue P2
        8961-6F08 Invincible (Top-View Levels)

        89B3-6F01 Player 1 Invincible (Side-View Levels)

        89C5-6FD9 Player 2 Invincible (Side-View Levels)

        Contra Spirits
        22BB-AD01 Infinite Lives (Side-View Levels)
        2264-D760 Infinite Bombs (Side-View Levels)
        22B8-0766 Infinite Bombs (Top-View Levels)

        22B8-0766 Infinite Lives (Top-View Levels)

        82BA-6FA1 Keep Main Weapon When You Die (Side-View Levels)
        82BC-646B Keep Main Weapon When You Die (Top-View Levels)
        C2C9-67DF Keep Main Weapon After Continue P1
        C2C9-67AF Keep Main Weapon After Continue P2
        8961-6F08 Invincible (Top-View Levels)

        89B3-6F01 Player 1 Invincible (Side-View Levels)

        89C5-6FD9 Player 2 Invincible (Side-View Levels)

        Demons Crest
        D635-1F0D Super Jump
        DD38-CFD9 Ginseng Costs Nothing (Still Says 140 G.P. Though)

        DFB3-4F6F Walk Through Most Solid Objects(note)

        (note) May have to turn off Game Genie to proceed through some parts

        Dennis the Menace
        C9B7-4FD7 Infinite Courage

        C92F-3D9E Infinite Time
        C9CB-44AF Infinite Lives

        3C8F-CDF1 Infinite Lives (note)
        D7BA-3D6C Infinite Bombs (note)

        (note) Turn off Game Genie until you reach the title screen

        Digital Devil story
        C4C3-CF03 Have enough Pts. to max out characters

        Dragon View
        CE65-4586 Infinite Health
        CE34-3106 Infinite Jade
        CE23-C9A2 Infinite Bombs
        CE26-41A3 Infinite Potions

        Fire Fighting
        B9C6-1F68 Inf. Extinguisher
        C9CD-3DD8 Inf. Air Tank
        C967-4FDC Inf. Health
        DDBF-3467 Inf. Time

        ??86-146D Cool Effects

        C2B9-1DA4 Infinite Health (note 1)

        DDE5-3FB0 Energy Balls Don't Deplete Health

        (note 1) Energy balls deplete health.

        Front Mission
        DDE5-5D05 Start with $16,777,715 (note)

        C2EC-5DD5 Infinite money

        (note) Start a new game. when you get to Barinden, you'll have
        $16,777,215 instead of $1000.

        Ghost Chaser Densei (Japanese)
        C2A4-47D1 Infinite Time
        C2A6-4409 Infinite Continues (1 Player Game)

        DB63-57DD Start With 9 Lives
        DB6E-5DDD Start With 9 Special Attack Points
        D963-5FDD Start With Maximum Health Points
        3C62-540F Infinite Lives
        3C68-EDD4 Infinite Special Attacks
        C268-8FAD Invincibility
        3C03-57DD One Hit Kills
        3CBF-8FDD Infinite Bombs
        3CB9-5F6D Infinite Daggers

        CB6A-5D0D Stage select (note)

        (note) ##
        DF - Stage 2 "Fortress of Doom"
        D4 - Stage 3 "Violated Heavens"
        D7 - Stage 4 "Cry of the Spirits"
        D0 - Stage 5 "Into the Darkness"

        Ignition Factor
        B9C0-87AC Inf. Extinguisher
        C9CA-E40C Inf. Air Tank
        C96E-740B Inf. Health
        DDCA-5F04 Inf. Time

        Kid Klown in Crazy Chase
        C229-1D67 Infinite Health
        C238-1F27 Infinite Continues

        King Arthur & the Knights of Justice
        33BD-14AF Infinite Attack Power (note)

        8B6B-14F4 Infinite Health (note)
        C28A-4DAC Infinite Healing Herbs
        14E6-37D4 Start with 99 Healing Herbs
        14EB-3764 Start with 99 Shield Attacks

        (note) All party members.

        King of the Dragons
        DD0E-EF0D Infinite Time
        6959-ED6D Start at a higher level (note)
        CE05-8F0D Infinite Credits
        C91D-5707 Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        6351-E40D Start With Level 6 Sword

        6355-E7AD Start With Level 6 Shield

        Lupin the 3rd - Densetu no Hihou
        C2F6-87AC Infinite Health
        C2FF-84AB Infinite Ammo
        C297-E708 Infinite First Aid Potion
        C2FF-740B Infinite Flash Bombs
        C2F8-8F0B Infinite Grenades

        Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
        C28E-0FDB Infinite Lives
        C260-6D6A Infinite Health
        C2E5-D7AC Infinite Regular Rounds
        C2EB-DFDC Infinite White Rounds
        C2EC-D40C Infinite Orange Rounds
        C26C-D4D9 Inf. Time in Bonus Areas
        C23E-DDA8 Infinite Yin-Yang
        6264-6D0D Start each stage with White Rounds
        6264-6FDD Start each stage with Orange Rounds
        C282-0F0B Don't Lose White Rounds when you die
        C282-04AB Don't Lose Orange Rounds when you

        Metal Morph
        EE6C-1FDD Start With 255 Continues
        C2AD-4D65 Freeze Timer On Continue Screen
        C926-C7A1 Inf. Ammo for All Weapons (note)
        C9A9-4F65 Infinite Continues

        DA36-CDA5 Get 255 Laser Rounds When You Collect Them

        (note) To change weapons, turn off the Game Genie. Pick up the new
        weapon. Turn the Game Genie on again.

        Parodius da!
        8287-DFAD Infinite lives

        D081-A404 Start each life at speed level 4 with missles,
        DD86-DF64 lasers, and option (Vic Viper only)

        Pop N' Twinbee
        3CAF-CDDB Infinite continues
        DB64-3FDF Start with 9 Chibi
        EEAF-CFDB Infinite Chibi after first continue
        8BCB-C766 Infinite health

        Pugsley?s Scavenger Hunt
        7D82-C40F No Sliding In The Icebox Level

        DDA9-C46F Jump, Then Press Up To Make Pugsley Levitate

        33EA-346F Access all levels

        R-Type III "The Third Lightning"
        C26B-C7D0 Infinite Lives
        ##6F-CE0D Always Start at Speed Level (note)

        (note) ##
        D6 - Level 2
        DA - Level 3
        FD - Level 4
        F0 - Level 5

        Ren & Stimpy Show, Veediots
        C2CF-D7A9 Infinite Time
        C2CD-0FA0 Infinite Health
        C2C5-0460 Infinite Lives
        EEE8-6DD6 Powdered Toast Shield Lasts 85x Longer
        EEEF-D7AB "Socks" Power Up Lasts 200x Longer
        C2C5-0FD9 Stimpy's Mouth Won't Close

        ECBC-6DA5 Money Is Worth 10x More

        Rocky Rodent
        3CAD-4DA7 Infinite Lives
        D1AB-4F0F Start with 5 lives
        ##A8-17D4 Start First Life With This Hairdo (note 1)
        C2A6-CDA9 Red Hairdo Respawns After Most Enemy Hits (note 2)
        C2A3-C401 Purple Hairdo Respawns After Most Enemy Hits (note 2)
        C22B-4709 Corkscrew Hairdo Respawns After Most Enemy Hits (note 2)
        C222-4FD1 Green Ponytail Hairdo Respawns After Most Enemy Hits (note 2)
        C236-3400 Birdnest Hairdo Respawns After Most Enemy Hits (note 2)
        C2C3-3DD5 Don't Lose Hairdo If You Die

        (note 1) ##
        D4 - Red Haido
        D0 - Purple Hairdo
        D1 - Corkscrew Hairdo
        D6 - Green Ponytail Hairdo
        DC - Birdnest Hairdo

        (note 2) Can still die.

        Shien's Revenge
        C960-3FA1 Infinite Health
        C26A-47A1 Infinite Spells
        C262-C400 Infinite Credits

        Simcity 2000
        EEF3-8700 Start With $99,999,999 On All The Maps but Freedom
        EEF3-8D00 Start The "Land of Freedom" Map With $99,999,999

        ?Power Plants Cost Nothing To Purchase Codes? (note)

        DD9B-77A9 Coal
        DD9C-7DA9 Hydroelectric
        DD9C-7FA9 Oil
        DD9C-74A9 Gas
        DD9C-77A9 Nuclear
        DD98-7DA9 Wind
        DD98-7FA9 Solar
        DD98-74A9 Microwave
        DD98-77A9 Fusion

        (note) They will still show their prices in the puchase menu, but won't
        deduct any money from your account.

        Space Invaders
        DD6B-C4D9 Invincibility (note)
        CB6F-37A9 Infinite Lives

        (note) If the aliens land, switch off the Game Genie to start a new game.
        Turn back on before you choose next game.

        C2C8-D4DD Infinite Ammo
        E08F-D40D Inf. Lives
        E0C1-6707 Inf. Health
        C2C0-DDDF Inf. Hyperspace
        C232-ADA4 Freeze Bonus Timer

        Speedy Gonzales
        176C-44DD Start With 99 Lives
        3CA9-C76D Infinite Time
        C2B4-CFAD Infinite Health
        C266-44A1 Infinite Continues

        DDB2-B276 Gun Meter Is Always Full

        3C6A-C401 Infinite Grenades (Alternate Code)
        626A-CFD1 Infinite Concussion Grenades (note 1)
        6261-C7AD Infinite Lives (note 2)
        626A-CFD1 Infinite Concussion Grenades
        6239-3DD7 Rapid Fire (note 3)

        1. You get Infinite Concussion Grenades after you throw a grenade.
        2. Infinite lives after first death.
        3. Start each life with rapid fire. As soon as you get hit you lose it.

        Super Bases Loaded 3
        C26E-4D01 No Strikes
        DF6E-44D1 One Strike to Strike Out
        DC6E-44D1 Ten Strikes to Strike Out
        556E-4D61 Inf. Strikes Give P1 A Homerun
        566E-4D61 Inf. Strikes Give Opponent A Homerun
        DF6F-C461 Walk on One Ball
        DC6F-C461 Walk on Ten Balls
        556F-CFD1 Inf. Balls Give P1 A Homerun
        566F-CFD1 Inf. Balls Give Opponent A Homerun

        Super Castlevania IV
        DD24-AFD7 Fully Powered Up Whip With First Power Up
        FDC5-04D4 Super Jump
        4DC5-04D4 Mega Jump

        Super Ghouls and Ghosts
        C2A5-A4A5 Infinite Double Jumps

        Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario 2
        DD6A-D1AB Throw Birdo's eggs back without having
        to catch them (note)

        (note) Turn off the Game Genie to pick up things normally.

        Super Mario World
        89E4-AFD9 Yoshi is Invincible

        82E9-64A0 Infinite Items Yoshi Picks Up (note 1)

        C2EC-0700 Infinite Flying Time For Yoshi (note 2)

        B9E5-A4AD Collecting A Yoshi Coin Gives You Yoshi's Wings (note 3)

        336B-D4D0 Multi-Jump and Low Gravity (note 4)

        DDEA-6F07 Shoot Fireballs Straight

        EDA5-0F6F Power-up Select (note 5)
        EDB7-0FBD Warp to Star World (note 6)
        D5EB-6F07 Rapid-Fire Fireballs (Facing Right Only)
        C23B-AF07 Stomp 8 Enemies And Get 1-Ups (note 7)

        (note 1) Turn off the Game Genie before you pick up an item. When you turn it on after
        collecting the item, Yoshi will pull infinite amounts of that item out of thin air. Some items
        can still be slurped up with this code on. So be careful of what's around him.
        (note 2) When Green Yoshi picks up a blue shell. When Blue Yoshi picks up any shell.
        (note 3) Collecting the coins will not give you a 1-up. If you die while riding a "winged-Yoshi,"
        the level you're on will be completed and you'll start the next level with a Yoshi. You do not have to
        be riding Yoshi to collect the Yoshi coin. Yoshi will hatch with wings, even if Mario gets the coin first.
        (note 4) Turn off codes to hop on Yoshi and do certain moves.
        (note 5) Press up + select to cycle Mario through his power-ups.
        (note 6) Stand on Yoshi's house on the map screen and press select.
        (note 7) Now you can touch the ground in between stomping on enemies, and still collect the 1-ups.

        Super Mario World 2: Yoshi?s Island
        C2EE-64BF Infinite Lives/Start At Middle Ring (When You Die)

        Tecmo Super Bowl 3
        3C38-C25D Infinite Ability Points in Edit Menu

        The Adventures of Dr. Franken
        C220-C7A4 Infinite Time
        C2B9-C4AD Infinite Lives

        C2BB-4F0F Infinite Health (note)

        3CB5-14AF Infinite Power Balls
        3CBB-1F0F Infinite Freeze Weapon

        D3A0-1404 Health Power-Ups Give You A Full Health Bar

        (note) The infinite health code messes with the graphics a little bit. When I get some more
        time I'll tinker around with it.

        The Adventures of Kid Kleets
        C26A-3709 Infinite Time
        C2A6-1700 Infinite Health
        C282-34A1 Infinite Lives

        The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends
        C28C-1F44 Infinite Chances
        C2CE-CF61 Infinite Lives
        C2CF-CF01 Infinite Ammo
        C2C9-35ED Don't Lose Ammo When You Die
        C2CF-308D Infinite Health
        C2C7-C18D Don't Lose Collected Flags When You Die
        C2E3-47C6 Infinite Continues
        DFCA-1761 1Up With Every Flag Collected

        The Blues Brothers
        1767-C707 Elwood Starts With 99 Lives
        176D-CFD7 Jake Starts With 99 Lives
        D763-CDD7 Jake Starts With A Ton Of Discs
        D763-C407 Elwood Starts With A Ton Of Discs

        The Flintstones- Treasure Of Sierra Madrock (1 Player Game)
        C2A9-3D64 Infinite Time
        C28B-442D Infinite Health (note)
        C2CF-17A4 Infinite Lives

        (note) Turn off if you fall and die.

        The Jetsons
        C26D-4767 Infinite Lives
        C2AD-4D6F Infinite Time
        3C62-1761 Invincible

        The Lawnmower Man
        D0B5-CDAD After you die, your main weapon is fully powered up
        CBB5-CD6D from then on.

        C268-17AC Invincible in Cyber Run Level
        C26A-CD6C Invincible in Cyber Tube Level
        C223-1DD5 Invincible in Cyber "Jobe" Level
        C2A2-479C Invincible in Cyber Space Level

        CEEE-07D7 Freeze Elapsed Time at 0:00
        C938-3400 Infinite Time on Terminals

        8EB9-1D0D Infinite Data Power-Up

        Time Slip
        DB68-6D0D Start w/ all weapons and 9 rounds (note)
        C2C3-AFD0 Infinite Ammo (note)
        C284-A409 TGS meter doesn't decrease

        (note) On foot missions.

        Top Gear 3000
        BFCC-3D9D Credits Earned By Player 1 Are Multiplied X100

        ADC3-349D Credits Earned By Player 2 Are Multiplied X100

        B6C8-CF9D 1st Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6C8-C49D 2nd Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6C8-C79D 3rd Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6CA-CD9D 4th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6CA-CF9D 5th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6CA-C49D 6th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6CA-C79D 7th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6C2-CD9D 8th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        B6C2-CF9D 9th Place Earns 980,000 Credits
        EEC5-4DAB Infinite Boosts (Affects Both Human Players)
        CECB-37FD Earn 1st Place Credits As Long As You Qualify P1
        CEC3-3FFD Earn 1st Place Credits As Long As You Qualify P2
        EEC9-3D06 Start With Over 6X More Fuel (note)

        (note) Don't recharge or fuel capacity goes back to normal.

        Twisted Tales of Spike McFang
        CEA5-34DF Invincible
        C260-3766 Infinite Money

        2DA3-3FAF All Coins Worth 999

        Virtual Bart
        C239-37AF Infinite Time
        053E-44A4 Infinite Health (note 1)
        C238-44A4 Infinite Continues
        C23C-4704 Infinite Lives (note 2)

        (note1) Also gives you infinite tomatoes. Baby Bart will take damage if
        he walks on the grass. May have to turn off the Game Genie, to kill certain
        enemies to proceed.
        (note 2) In the stages you start with 2 lives.

        Weapon Lord
        5C1A-7B3B Player 1 Invincible
        C21A-7BCB Both Fighters Invincible
        C204-56C5 Infinite Time

        William's Arcade:Atari Collection 1
        82A6-C49B Infinite Lives P1 & P2

        8262-C7DB Infinite Lives P1 & P2

        896E-3D6E Infinite Lives P1 & P2

        Super Breakout
        C2AB-CDD1 Infinite Serves P1 & P2

        C9BE-47B9 Infinite Lives

        Williams Arcade Classics
        17C5-376F Start With 99 Lives P1 & P2
        8969-14D3 Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        8984-4F0E Infinite Bombs P1 & P2

        Defender II
        17CC-346F Start With 99 Lives P1 & P2
        896C-3DB4 Infinite Lives P1 & P2 (note)
        8921-17BD Infinite Bombs P1 & P2

        17C2-370F Start With 99 Lives P1 & P2
        8268-C7B2 Infinite Lives P1 & P2

        17CE-370F Start With 99 Lives P1 & P2
        826A-1F78 Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        FB65-1788 Start on Wave 25
        7465-1788 Start on Wave 50
        1765-1788 Start on Wave 99

        17C4-4F04 Start With 99 Lives P1 & P2
        C2E7-CF3F Infinite Lives P1 & P2
        C237-3744 Infinite Sinibombs P1 & P2

        (note) Leave Game Genie turned off until the game begins.

        Wolf Child
        3CA3-DFAF Invincibility
        E366-D7A4 Start With 254 lives And 255 Bombs
        C2EC-6FAD Infinite Continues
        C9A6-A4AD Infinite Lives
        C9A3-DD0F Infinite Bombs

        C2AE-A4DD Stay in Wolf form until next continue

        X Kalibur 2097
        C260-D767 Infinite Time
        3C6C-A76D Infinite Lives
        9C63-D56D Pop Cans Give You 50% Health Back


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          Random SNES Game Genie Codes

          Cool, I'll start with the bottom codes. That way if Helder wants to jump in we won't overlap eachother in adding codes.


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            Random SNES Game Genie Codes

            Super Mario World (SNES/GG)
            EDA5-0F6F Mario On Ice (note 1)

            EDA5-0F6F Waterworld Mario (note 1)

            2D80-0DE1 Reverse Switch Palace Blocks (note 2)

            (note 1) Press Up + Select. Hit the button combo a few more times to turn the effect off. Only use one of these codes at a time.
            (note 2) Effect will not be saved.


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              Random SNES Game Genie Codes

              Those are good codes Hackwiz. I've added all the codes for the games past the letter S so far. I'm wondering about a code for Sim City 2000 tho. THe Wind Power Plants Cost Nothing To Purchase code. It's only one line but the other codes are 2 lines.


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                Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                That is correct.
                That is the only power plant that uses one code line. I believe it was because that plant cost <255 (one Byte).

                Just made this one:

                Super Mario World (SNES/GG)

                DDA6-DF07 Nintendo Debug #2 (note)

                (note) Press L + A twice to make Mario invincible and to be able to move him anywhere you want. Press L + A again to go back to normal gameplay.


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                  Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                  That's a pretty interesting code there. A sonic the hedgehog style debug mode. I'll add this and others later tonight.


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                    Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                    I think they are good and keep up the good work hiro, Im sure its time consuming and alot of dedication. And to all the hacking wiz. Congrats to all those who are working hard


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                      Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                      These should shake up the game a bit:

                      Super Mario World (SNES/GG)

                      Block Modifier Codes
                      ##6C-DFDC Blocks That Produce A Mushroom When Small & "! Boxes" (note 1)
                      ##6C-DF0C Blocks That Produce A Flower (note 1)
                      ##6C-DFAC Blocks That Produce A Feather (note 1)
                      ##6C-DF6C Turn Blocks That Produce A Star (note 1)
                      ##6C-D4DC Turn Blocks That Produce A 1-Up Mushroom (note 1)
                      ##6C-D4AC Turn Blocks That Produce A Vine (note 1)

                      Lakitu Modifier Codes
                      ##37-6D61 Lakitu's Ammo Modifier (notes 1&2)
                      ##37-6F61 Lakitu's Ammo Modifier When Silver Pow Switch is Active (notes 1&2)

                      B837-6D61 Lakitu Throws Out An Amazing Flying Hammer Brother (note 3)

                      Yoshi's Egg Modifier Codes
                      ##6C-DD0C What Hatches From Green Eggs If You Don't Have Him (note 1)
                      ##6C-DD6C What Hatches From Green Eggs If You Already Have Him (note 1)

                      (note 1) ##
                      DD - Green Koopa, no shell
                      DF - Red Koopa, no shell
                      D4 - Blue Koopa, no shell
                      D7 - Yellow Koopa, no shell
                      D0 - Green Koopa
                      D9 - Red Koopa
                      D1 - Blue Koopa
                      D5 - Yellow Koopa
                      D6 - Green Koopa, flying
                      DB - Green Koopa, bouncing
                      DC - Red Koopa, flying vertical
                      D8 - Red Koopa, flying horizontal
                      DA - Yellow Koopa with wings
                      DE - Goomba
                      FD - Flying Goomba
                      4F - Moving Coin
                      4E - Portable Spring Board
                      79 - Fully Grown Green Yoshi
                      09 - Directional Coins
                      9B - Alternating Horizontal and Vertical Bridge
                      9C - Horizontal Bridge
                      50 - Mushroom
                      59 - Flower
                      51 - Star
                      55 - Feather
                      56 - 1up Mushroom
                      5B - Vine
                      82 - Koopa, no shell

                      (note 2) ##
                      D2 - Bob-omb
                      FF - Buzzy Beetle
                      F9 - Fish
                      F2 - Hopping Flame
                      77 - Vertical Fireball
                      7E - Para-Goomba
                      0D - Para-Bomb
                      05 - Fish, swimming and jumping
                      61 - Wiggler
                      BF - Chargin' Chuck

                      (note 3) After you trip the Silver Pow switch. Don't use with other Lakitu Ammo Modifier Codes.

                      Try beating star World 3 with Lakitu throwing Hopping Flames, or with the Amazing Flying Hammer Brother present.

                      That Lunar Magic program is kick-ass. Alot of good info for hacking.
                      Dangit, why didn't you all tell me about that sooner?????HaHa...I know, look for yourself
                      Has anyone done this for any other games?
                      Has anyone ever burned their custom ROM to an EPROM, so they could put it in a cartridge and play it on the real thing?
                      The documentation is out there to do it!


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                        Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                        Well, I know someone else turnede some rom addresses into game genie codes. Like in SMB3 They knew how to change how fireballs acted and made them into game genie codes. I've seen a few rom addresses I've wished to turn into game genie codes but I don't really know much about that. I'm better at making codes with code searching programs than converting codes to other formats.

                        I added the new SMW codes to the site BTW.


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                          Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                          im one lazy mother..... you can add the codes you want to i only added up to adventures of yogi bear,and i see you didnt add some ocdes i made for secret of mana,i guess ill add em.
                          Spoiler Alert! Click to view...

                          THE BAD GUY!!!!!!


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                            Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                            Ah, it's good to see new people hacking codes around here...


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                              Random SNES Game Genie Codes

                              Castlevania Dracula X (SNES/GG)
                              C985-17DF Don't Lose 2nd Weapon After Continue
                              C9A4-47D7 Don't Lose 2nd Weapon After Dying

                              2D25-1FD3 Have Maxed Out Hearts With Each One Grabbed