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RyTheHexer's PS2 (mainly PAL) Fresh Codes

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  • RyTheHexer's PS2 (mainly PAL) Fresh Codes

    My background is mainly in PC game reversing, of which I've been a part of for many years. My knowledge is largely of x86 ASM, but I've made the transition to MIPS for PS2 cheat purposes. Memory searching, code-injection and redirecting game routines has been my bread and butter!

    So, after coming back to console emulation, I notice there are many codes 'missing' for a lot of PAL titles, some quite popular games of their time. I aim to create new codes for a number of PS2 games to plug this gap, with some unique stuff chucked in where possible! In some cases, I might just look to port codes across between regions.

    All assume valid MasterCodes are present for use outside of an emulator (I may find new ones if needed). These are all, perhaps obviously, RAW codes; these can be used directly in PCSX2, ps2rd, or in some devices not requiring encryption such as Xploder:

    Grand Theft Auto - Vice City (v3.00) (PAL-M5) [SLES-51061]

    Never Exhausted:
    20B5B05C 4479C000
    Never Wanted:
    202A594C 8C060000
    No Vehicle Damage:
    20168E5C 0805A398
    Never Lose Weapons:
    201B4480 080B4DF9
    Kill Mission Timers:
    20275F98 00000000
    Infinite Health & Armour:
    200FFE00 3C054348
    200FFE00 AC45036C
    200FFE00 AC450368
    200FFE00 03E00008
    202DAEA4 0C03FF80
    202DAEA8 00000000
    One-Hit Kills:
    200FFE30 3C0500B6
    200FFE34 20A5AA40
    200FFE38 10B40003
    200FFE3C 00000000
    200FFE40 AE800368
    200FFE44 AE80036C
    200FFE48 DFBF00A0
    200FFE4C C7B60008
    200FFE50 080D5B96
    20356E50 0803FF8C
    20356E54 00000000

    Resident Evil - CODE Veronica X (PAL-M4) [SLES-50306]
    Never Poisoned:
    00448B9A 00000000
    Change Inventory:
    004499B4 0000000?
    (e.g. 3 = Wesker)
    One-Hit Kills:
    001AD0C2 00000000
    00176BA6 00000000
    001C7C0E 00000000
    Infinite Ammo (global):
    0028F96E 00000086

    007 - Agent Under Fire (PAL-M6) [SLES-50539]

    Infinite Ammo (action):
    20258421 00000040
    No Reload (action):
    202D7DF9 00000040
    Infinite Ammo (driving):
    1015388E 00000000
    No Reload (driving):
    101538C2 00000000
    Infinite Lives (action):
    0037F790 000000009
    Kill Mission Timers:
    2017D6BC 00000000
    Super Multi-Jump:
    20269908 00000000
    Alarms Don't Work:
    202A7C50 AE210018
    Widescreen Hack:
    207F770C 3FAAAAAB

    SSX On Tour (PAL-E) [SLES-53551]

    Maximum Cash:
    200FF000 3C0F000F
    200FF004 21EF423F
    200FF008 AC6F0028
    200FF00C 7BB00010
    200FF010 DFBF0000
    200FF014 0805C35D
    20170D6C 0803FC00
    20170D70 00000000
    Max Boost Bar / Easy Ubers:
    200FF020 0220202D
    200FF024 3C083F80
    200FF028 AE08025C
    200FF02C C617025C
    200FF030 08072F04
    201CBC08 0803FC08
    201CBC0C 00000000
    Always 1st / Easy Win Races:
    0015CE62 00000000
    Kill Timers:
    202034E0 00000000
    202034E4 00000000
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    Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (PAL-M5) [SLES-54658]

    (may be listed as Eur/Aus; it's the PAL version with English)

    Infinite Health:
    202B22E8 00000000
    202B22F0 00000000
    Infinite Force:
    103B8E86 0000AE21
    Max Force Points:
    (on entering spend area)
    200FF000 8C6318F4
    200FF004 3C0C000F
    200FF008 218C423F
    200FF00C AC6C0030
    200FF010 8C630030
    200FF014 080EE9D8
    203BA758 0803FC00
    203BA75C 00000000
    Super Jump:
    (use a power to stop)
    002C04F1 00000000


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      Timesplitters - Future Perfect (PAL-M5) [SLES-52993]

      Infinite Health:
      200FF000 3C03447A
      200FF004 2063C000
      200FF008 ACA301CC
      200FF00C ACA301D8
      200FF010 C4A101CC
      200FF014 46020002
      200FF018 08097D18
      2025F458 0803FC00
      2025F45C 00000000
      One-Hit Kills:
      200FF050 C4A201D8
      200FF054 C5E00000
      200FF058 3C090010
      200FF05C AD25EFF8
      200FF060 08097D16
      2025F450 0803FC14
      2025F454 00000000
      200FF100 45000002
      200FF104 E5E001CC
      200FF108 E5E301CC
      200FF10C 3C090010
      200FF110 8D2AEFF8
      200FF114 11EA0002
      200FF11C ADE001CC
      200FF120 0806BC6A
      201AF19C 0803FC40
      201AF1A0 00000000
      Unlock Everything:
      (ported from US Codebreaker)
      20306A38 200EFFFF
      20306A3C ADEE0BF4
      203067A8 200EFFFF
      203067AC ADEE0BFC
      Widescreen 16:10:
      0060CEA8 00000010
      0060CEAC 0000000A
      Widescreen 21:9 Ultrawide:
      0060CEA8 00000015
      0060CEAC 00000009
      Neaten UI / Narrower Text:
      2060CEB0 3F333333
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        Legend of Spyro, The - A New Beginning (PAL-M6) [SLES-54359]
        F0100008 0000000E
        Mastercode Alt:
        F0100208 0000000E
        PAL to NTSC:
        2018AF00 24120002
        Infinite & Max Health:
        207D1A80 42C80000
        207D1A84 42C80000
        207D1A88 42C80000
        Infinite & Max Energy:
        207D1AB0 42C80000
        207D1AB4 42C80000
        207D1AB8 42C80000
        Alt. Infinite Health & Energy:
        101F3AD6 00000000
        One-Hit Kills:
        001E2232 00000080
        Super Jump:
        00D3EE14 00000001
        Massive Upgrade Points:
        207D1A98 4479C000
        Unlock All Weapons:
        207D1AE0 0000000F
        207D1B00 0000000F
        207D1B20 0000000F
        207D1B40 0000000F
        Condensed version:
        407D1AE0 00040020
        0000000F 00000000
        All Upgrades Maxed:
        207D1AE4 00000003
        207D1AE8 00000003
        207D1B04 00000003
        207D1B08 00000003
        207D1B24 00000003
        207D1B28 00000003
        207D1B44 00000003
        207D1B48 00000003
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          MTX Mototrax (PAL-E) [SLES-52289]

          Some of the early codes in this list are not 'new', however I've included them due to finding/creating them myself. The latter options might be useful.

          F02C3588 000001FD
          Alt. Mastercode:
          F0110120 0000000E
          Maximum MTXP:
          207AD218 000F423F
          Massive Trick Points:
          0033F376 0000009F
          Freeze Trick Timer:
          00247120 0000008E
          Freeze Lap Timer:
          103021f6 00000000
          Always 1st Place (Races):
          00305EC4 00000014
          One-Lap Races:
          003021C4 000000AC
          Shocks Always Loaded:
          202F6BE8 00000000
          202F6B3C 20030002
          202F6B40 AE030018
          002F6C9E 00000004
          All Gear Costs $1:
          40621ff8 00090080
          00000001 00000000
          40622488 00120090
          00000001 00000000
          Improved Widescreen:
          203CB2FC 3FE38E39
          PAL to NTSC:
          203C23A8 24120002
          Disable V-Sync:
          203C30D4 00000000
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